E-bikes lead sales trend in Spain despite declining sector turnover

E-bikes lead sales trend in Spain despite declining sector turnover

According to the latest market report from Spain, the Spanish bicycle market is following a similar trend to Europe as a whole, with bicycle sales declining in 2023, but the Spanish bicycle industry is showing positive growth in production and prices.

According to data released by the Spanish Association of Bicycle Brands and Associations (AMBE) in conjunction with Cofidis, while bicycle sales have returned to pre-epidemic levels, the rise of e-bikes has allowed overall turnover to overtake.

Although turnover in the cycling sector fell by 8.79% compared to 2022, the sector still achieved a 32.3% increase in turnover compared to 2019. Bicycle sales declined the most, by 10.44%, while tools, bicycle parts, helmets and textiles/apparel all saw varying degrees of decline. Read more for reference: top 10 bike parts manufacturers in Europe.

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    E-bike sales rise

    In the midst of this downward trend, e-bikes are bucking the trend. Its sales increased by 2.28% compared to the previous year, with more than 241,000 e-bikes sold in Spain in 2023.

    Despite an 11.32% decline in sales due to a drop in the average price of e-bikes, their leading position in the market remains solid.

    AMBE points out that e-bikes led the bike turnover list for the fourth consecutive year, with a 45.2% share. This is closely followed by the mountain bike category, which accounts for 26.3% of the market.

    Looking at the breakdown of e-bikes, the most popular are electric mountain bikes (141,175 units), electric city bikes (62,630 units) and electric touring bikes (22,858 units).

    It is worth noting that sales of electric cargo bikes (eCargo bikes) also achieved significant growth in 2023, approaching 2,500 units. In addition, electric road bikes and gravel bikes have each performed well in the market.

    Mountain bikes still top the sales charts

    Mountain bikes (both electric and conventional) continue to be the most popular type of bike in the Spanish market. 500,000 units were sold in 2023, with more than 140,000 electric models sold.

    However, sales of conventional mountain bikes fell at a higher rate, from 468,000 units in 2022 to nearly 360,000 units in 2023. Meanwhile, total sales of urban and touring bikes (both electric and conventional) will exceed 200,000 units in 2023.

    Jesús Freire, Secretary General of the AMBE, said, “Similar to neighboring countries, Spain does not have enough tax incentives or assistance policies for bicycle purchases, which somewhat dampens the market demand for bicycles, e-bikes and cargo bikes.

    This has a direct impact on the industry as a whole and on employment.”

    Mountain bikes still top the sales charts

    Bicycle production and rising prices

    In terms of price, the Spanish e-bike market is also showing new trends.In 2023, the average price of bicycles sold in Spain once again exceeded the €1,000 mark, reaching €1,139.15, an increase of 1.65% compared to 2022.

    Among them, mountain bikes and road bikes saw the most significant price increases.

    Finally, from the production side, the Spanish bicycle industry has reached the third highest production record in history, after 2021 and 2022, with a total of 301,100 bicycles produced in 2023, with a total value of 245.5 million euros, so it seems that the Spanish bicycle industry still maintains a solid development trend.

    The Spanish bicycle industry consists of more than 3,300 companies, including 400 manufacturers, importers and distributors, about half of which are domestic producers.

    In addition, Spain has a network of more than 3,000 bicycle sales, repair and rental outlets, directly employing more than 24,000 people.

    Despite some adjustments and challenges facing the market in 2023, the overall production, business and employment situation remains favourable.

    Bicycle production and rising prices

    Market environment

    Although the Spanish bicycle market itself is currently struggling with high inventories and the resulting decline in sales, the outlook for domestic producers is good in the long term.

    This is not only because of their growing export business to the EU, but also because of Spain’s booming domestic sales market.

    Most importantly, in many cities, targeted national and international (EU) investment has created a cycling infrastructure that provides a safe cycling environment through the construction of dedicated cycle lanes.

    Perhaps the only problem is that cycling in Spain is still primarily used as a sport rather than a means of transportation. This is evidenced by the large number of mountain bikers and especially road cyclists throughout the country. Explore more about the top 10 electric bike manufacturers in Spain.

    Market environment

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