Top 10 electric bike manufacturers in Finland

Top 10 electric bike manufacturers in Finland

The electric bike industry in Finland is riding a wave of unprecedented growth, echoing a global trend towards embracing more sustainable forms of transportation.

Amid Finland’s breathtaking landscapes, electric bikes are becoming an increasingly popular choice for tackling urban congestion, reducing carbon emissions, and promoting a healthier lifestyle. 

These innovative vehicles represent Finland’s commitment to eco-friendly transport solutions, perfectly aligning with the nation’s values of environmental stewardship and technological advancement.

As we pivot towards greener mobility options, Finnish e-bike manufacturers are at the forefront, offering cutting-edge designs and superior functionality. 

Curious about who is driving this green revolution? Continue reading to uncover the leading electric bike manufacturers in Finland, whose pioneering efforts are steering us towards a more sustainable and efficient future.

This article concludes the top 10 electric bike manufacturers in Finland, let’s get more details about them!

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    Best-list of top 10 electric bike manufacturers in Finland in 2024

    The top 10 electric bike manufacturers in Finland includes:

    • Oucabikes
    • Yeply
    • Electrobike
    • Helkama
    • Pole bicycles
    • Pelago
    • Tunturi
    • Wheelstrom
    • Pässilä


    Official website:

    Ouca Bikes, hailing from Finland, is carving out a significant niche in the electric bike industry with their specialized focus on electric cargo bikes(best e-cargo bike).

    This dedication isn’t just about providing a mode of transport; it’s about offering robust, reliable solutions for both personal and commercial needs. 

    Oucabikes 1

    Ouca Bikes prides itself on producing vehicles that can withstand the rigors of daily use while championing ecological design principles. Their cargo bikes are not just tools but testament to a belief in sustainable, efficient mobility.

    The range of models offered by Ouca Bikes caters to a variety of needs, from the delivery business looking to greenify their operations to families aiming for a more eco-conscious lifestyle. 

    Each model is a blend of functionality and durability, designed to navigate urban landscapes with ease. Ouca Bikes’ commitment to quality ensures that each bike is capable of hauling significant loads without compromising on performance or rider experience.

    Oucabikes 2


    Official website:

    Yeply brings a novel twist to the e-bike scene in Finland, not through manufacturing, but by offering a unique mobile maintenance service that comes directly to the doorstep of bike owners. 

    This innovative approach addresses one of the primary concerns of e-bike users: the hassle of maintaining their rides in top-notch condition.

    Yeply 1

    Instead of dragging your bike to the shop for regular tune-ups or emergency repairs, Yeply’s mobile service ensures your e-bike is serviced at your convenience, right where you are. 

    This not only saves time but also encourages riders to keep their bikes in optimal condition, thereby extending the lifespan of their electric companions.

    Yeply’s service is crucial in a country like Finland, where the weather can be harsh, and biking is not just a leisure activity but a way of life for many.

    Yeply 2 


    Official website:

    Electrobike stands as a pivotal figure in Finland’s electric bike landscape, not as a manufacturer but as a key retailer bringing a diverse range of e-bike brands to the Finnish e-bike market

    Their role transcends merely selling bikes; Electrobike actively fosters the growth of green mobility by carefully curating a selection of e-bikes that meet the high standards of functionality, sustainability, and design cherished by Finnish consumers. 

    Electrobike 1

    By offering a wide variety of models from different brands, Electrobike ensures that every rider, regardless of their needs or preferences, can find an e-bike that aligns with their lifestyle. 

    Their commitment to promoting eco-friendly transportation solutions is complemented by their efforts to educate consumers on the benefits of e-bikes, not just for the environment but also for enhancing the quality of urban life. 

    Electrobike 2


    Official website:

    Helkama is a beacon of Finnish craftsmanship in the e-bike industry, with a legacy that intertwines deeply with Finland’s rich history of bike manufacturing.

    This esteemed brand began its journey over a century ago, laying down roots that would grow to define the standards of quality and innovation in the cycling world. 

    Helkama 1

    Helkama’s foray into electric bikes is a testament to their adaptability and foresight, recognizing early on the shift towards more sustainable modes of transportation.

    The brand offers a diverse range of e-bikes, designed to meet the varied needs and preferences of riders. 

    From sleek city models that promise an effortless commute through urban landscapes to robust all-terrain bikes that can conquer the rugged Finnish countryside, Helkama ensures there’s an e-bike for every kind of cyclist.

    Their commitment to using top-notch bike frame materials and cutting-edge technology in every bike they produce is evident in the performance and durability of their fleet.

    Helkama 2

    Pole bicycles

    Official website:

    Pole Bicycle Company, nestled in the heart of Finland, is a beacon of innovation in the world of high-end mountain biking.

    With a focus on creating bikes that defy traditional boundaries, Pole has become synonymous with cutting-edge design and unparalleled performance.

    Pole bicycles 1 

    Their approach to bike manufacturing is revolutionary, employing state-of-the-art techniques and materials to construct mountain bikes that are not only lightweight and durable but also exceptionally efficient in tackling rugged terrains.

    What truly sets Pole apart is their commitment to continuous improvement and technological advancement.

    They are pioneers in utilizing CNC machining to craft their frames, a method that ensures precision and allows for the integration of complex features directly into the bike’s structure.

    Pole bicycles 2


    Official website:

    Pelago Bikes, a name synonymous with elegance and functionality, embodies a unique philosophy in the bike manufacturing industry.

    Originating from the serene landscapes of Finland, Pelago has crafted its identity around producing traditional bicycles that are not merely means of transport but instruments of freedom and adventure. 

    Pelago 1

    Their designs are a nod to the timeless aesthetic of classic bikes, merged with the practicality needed for modern urban living and the ruggedness required for adventure.

    The essence of Pelago’s philosophy lies in creating bikes that support a diverse range of activities, from the daily commute to weekend explorations in nature. 

    Each model in their lineup is built with the idea that a bike should be versatile, durable, and above all, enjoyable to ride.

    This approach has led to the development of bicycles that are as at home on city streets as they are on country paths, offering riders the opportunity to discover the joy of cycling in its purest form.

    Pelago 2


    Official website:

    Tunturi stands as a testament to Finnish innovation and persistence, tracing its origins back to 1922.

    What began as a small bicycle shop has evolved into a brand celebrated for its extensive range of electric bikes, each designed with the user’s needs in mind.

    Tunturi 1

    Tunturi’s long history is not just a story of bike manufacturing; it’s a narrative of adapting to changing times and emerging as a leader in the e-bike sector.

    The brand’s commitment to quality and durability is evident in its broad spectrum of electric bikes.

    Tunturi offers everything from urban e-bikes designed for the commuter, seeking ease and efficiency in navigating city streets, to more rugged, all-terrain e-bikes crafted for adventurers eager to explore off the beaten path. 

    This diversity ensures that there’s a Tunturi e-bike for every type of cyclist, whether you’re riding for leisure, fitness, or practical transportation.



    Official website:

    Wheelström has made a significant mark in the Finnish e-bike scene with their stylish city e-bikes, designed not just for efficiency but with a keen eye on aesthetics. Their bikes are the epitome of Scandinavian design principles: minimalistic, functional, and beautiful. 

    What sets Wheelström apart in the industry is their commitment to hand assembly in Finland, ensuring each bike meets their high standards of quality and craftsmanship.

    Wheelstrom 1

    This dedication to handcrafting their e-bikes locally underscores Wheelström’s support for Finnish manufacturing skills and their belief in sustainable production practices. 

    By assembling their bikes by hand, Wheelström can maintain a close eye on every detail, from the initial design phase to the final product, ensuring that each e-bike is built to last and perform excellently in urban environments.

    Wheelstrom 2


    Official website:

    Pässilä is a Finnish electric bicycle manufacturer headquartered in Helsinki, which currently has more than 6,000 points of sale in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia.

    As a leading global e-bike manufacturer, Pässilä offers customers innovative e-bike products, including state-of-the-art e-bikes, as well as e-bike kits and related electric bike accessories.

    Passila 1

    Pässilä’s customers include well-known brands such as Apple, Ford Motor Company, FCA and BMW, and Pässilä also sells its products through its network of stores and online retailers.

    Pässilä designs e-bikes with sustainable design, ergonomics, and excellent performance in a variety of riding conditions. The company’s electric bike kits and related accessories also provide customers with the perfect riding experience.

    It is one of the most advanced e-bike manufacturers in the world, and its innovative technology allows it to improve performance and offer unique designs.

    It also combines its expertise in the field of electric bicycles with technical expertise to provide customers with the best possible experience. Pässilä is committed to introducing the best e-bikes to meet the changing needs of the market.

    Passila 2


    Official website:

    Since its inception in 2004, Sameway Group has remained dedicated to the research, development, manufacturing, and global promotion of lithium electric bicycles and associated products for a span of 18 years.

    For 18 years, Sameway Group has been focused on researching, developing, manufacturing, and globally marketing lithium electric bicycles and related products since its establishment in 2004.

    SAMEBIKE XWP10 view

    SAMEBIKE, our in-house brand of electric bikes, has gained worldwide recognition and is now established as a global brand, available in markets across the globe.

    With a team of R&D engineers boasting over a decade of experience, Sameway Group strongly supports OEM/ODM production, continuously expanding its production capabilities.

    Recognizing the interplay between recreation and healthy lifestyle choices, we firmly assert that engaging in energetic sports is an essential aspect of modern living.

    We recognize sports as more than just a competition; it’s an embodiment of a lifestyle. SAMEBIKE electric bikes are ready to confront life’s challenges with the sincerity of cycling.

    For the best deals, don’t forget to visit our SAMEBIKE store.

    SAMEBIKE XWP10-colorful

    Key factors in electric bike manufacturer partnerships

    1. Sustainability practices
      When considering a partnership with the electric bike manufacturer, it’s crucial to evaluate their commitment to sustainability. This involves looking into how they source materials, their manufacturing processes, and any initiatives they have in place for recycling or reducing waste. 
      Sustainable practices not only reflect positively on your brand but also appeal to the growing segment of eco-conscious consumers.
    2. Technological innovation
      In the rapidly evolving e-bike industry, staying ahead technologically is key. Assess the manufacturer’s track record for innovation, such as the use of cutting-edge battery technology, integration of smart features, and advancements in motor efficiency.
    3. Warranty and service support
      A comprehensive warranty and robust service support are indicative of a manufacturer’s confidence in their product’s quality. It’s important to understand the warranty terms, what it covers, and for how long, as well as the manufacturer’s infrastructure for customer service.
    4. Ability to meet demand
      Finally, consider the manufacturer’s capacity to meet demand. This encompasses not only their production capabilities but also their supply chain resilience and adaptability to fluctuations in market demand.

    SAMEBIKE LO26-II-FT 21 Speed Folding Mountain Electric Bike-1


    These are the top 10 electric bike manufacturers in Finland.

    Selecting the right electric bike manufacturer in Finland is a decision that reverberates beyond the individual, touching on the broader themes of environmental stewardship, technological progress, and the pursuit of quality. 

    Finnish e-bike companies, through their commitment to sustainable practices, innovative designs, and robust construction, are at the forefront of promoting eco-friendly transportation. 

    By choosing a Finnish manufacturer, consumers not only gain access to high-quality, innovative e-bikes but also contribute to Finland’s growing reputation as a leader in the global shift towards greener, more sustainable mobility solutions.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Finnish electric bikes stand out due to their strong emphasis on sustainable manufacturing practices, innovative use of technology, and adherence to high-quality standards. 

    Yes, Finnish electric bike manufacturers design bikes to withstand the country's diverse weather conditions, including cold winters and wet autumns. Brands like Tunturi and Helkama offer models with features such as waterproof components and enhanced battery performance.

    Absolutely! Ouca Bikes is a prime example of a Finnish manufacturer that specializes in electric cargo bikes. Their models are designed for durability and high performance, catering to both personal and commercial needs.

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