Top 10 two-wheeler manufacturers in India

Top 10 two-wheeler manufacturers in India

The two-wheeler market in India is one of the largest and most dynamic in the world.

With a population exceeding 1.4 billion people and a growing middle class, demand for two-wheelers as affordable and convenient modes of transportation remains robust.

The market is dominated by motorcycles and scooters, with a wide range of domestic and international manufacturers competing fiercely for market share.

Key players include Ola electric, TVS, Ather, Bajaj, Ampere, Okinawa, Hero Electric, Okaya, Bgauss and SAMEBIKE.

Factors such as urbanization, increasing disposable incomes, and improving infrastructure continue to drive growth in the Indian two-wheeler segment.

This article concludes the top 10 two-wheeler manufacturers in India, let’s get more details about them! You can also check the top 10 two-wheeler battery companies in the world for your reference.

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    Best-list of top 10 two-wheeler manufacturers in India in 2024

    The top 10 two-wheeler manufacturers in India includes:

    • Ola electric
    • TVS
    • Ather
    • Bajaj
    • Ampere
    • Okinawa
    • Hero Electric
    • Okaya
    • Bgauss

    Ola electric

    Official website:

    Ola Electric is the electric vehicle (EV) arm of Ola, one of India’s leading ride-hailing companies.

    Founded in 2019, Ola Electric focuses on developing and manufacturing electric two-wheelers, with a vision to transform urban mobility through sustainable transportation solutions.

    Ola Electric has gained significant attention and investment in the EV market due to its ambitious plans and innovative approach.


    With strong financial backing from Ola and other investors, the company has been rapidly expanding its manufacturing capabilities and market presence.

    Ola Electric has unveiled several e-bike models, with the Ola S1 and Ola S1 Pro being the flagship offerings.

    These electric scooters boast impressive features such as long-range capabilities, fast charging, connected technology, and advanced safety features.

    Ola Electric has also invested in developing a robust charging infrastructure to support its electric vehicles.



    Official website:

    TVS Motor Company is one of the largest two-wheeler manufacturers in India, with a rich legacy spanning over several decades. It is also one of the top 10 electric bike manufacturers in India.

    The company has a diverse product portfolio, including motorcycles, scooters, and mopeds, catering to different segments of the market.

    TVS Motor Company has been a dominant player in the Indian two-wheeler market, known for its reliable and fuel-efficient vehicles.

    TVS 1

    In recent years, the company has been actively investing in electric mobility solutions to stay ahead in the evolving automotive landscape.

    TVS Motor Company has ventured into the electric scooter segment with offerings like the TVS iQube Electric.

    This electric scooter features a sleek design, smart connectivity features, and a decent range on a single charge.

    TVS is also focusing on enhancing battery technology and developing more efficient electric drivetrains.

    TVS 2


    Official website:

    Ather Energy is a Bangalore-based startup that has gained prominence for its premium electric scooters.

    Founded in 2013, the company aims to revolutionize urban commuting by offering high-performance electric vehicles coupled with cutting-edge technology.

    Ather Energy has received significant funding and recognition for its innovative approach to electric mobility.

    ATHER 2

    The company has established itself as a key player in the premium electric scooter segment and has been expanding its presence across multiple cities in India.

    Ather Energy’s flagship offerings, the Ather 450X and Ather 450 Plus, are known for their performance, range, and smart features.

    These electric scooters come equipped with a touchscreen dashboard, over-the-air updates, fast charging capabilities, and regenerative braking technology, providing users with a futuristic riding experience.

    ATHER 1


    Official website:

    Bajaj Auto is one of the oldest and most renowned two-wheeler manufacturers in India, with a history dating back to 1945.

    The company is known for producing motorcycles, scooters, and three-wheelers, catering to diverse customer preferences.

    BAJAJ 1

    Bajaj Auto has maintained a strong foothold in the Indian two-wheeler market through its strategic partnerships, innovative products, and efficient manufacturing practices.

    The company has also been actively exploring electric mobility solutions to stay competitive in the evolving automotive landscape.

    Bajaj Auto has introduced electric two-wheelers under its Urbanite brand, with models like the Bajaj Chetak Electric leading the charge.

    The Chetak Electric offers a blend of classic design elements with modern technology, including a lithium-ion battery, regenerative braking, and connected features, catering to urban commuters looking for eco-friendly mobility solutions.

    BAJAJ 2


    Official website:

    Ampere Vehicles is a subsidiary of Greaves Cotton, a leading engineering company in India. Established in 2008, Ampere specializes in manufacturing electric scooters and bicycles, with a focus on affordability and reliability.

    Under the ownership of Greaves Cotton, Ampere Vehicles has expanded its product portfolio and distribution network, making electric mobility more accessible to consumers across India.

    AMPERE 2

    The company has been witnessing steady growth and has been actively involved in promoting electric mobility solutions in both urban and rural areas.

    Ampere offers a range of electric scooters catering to different customer needs and preferences. Models like the Ampere Reo, Ampere Magnus, and Ampere Zeal are known for their affordability, ease of use, and low maintenance costs.

    The company focuses on leveraging efficient battery technology and lightweight designs to enhance the performance and range of its electric vehicles.

    AMPERE 1


    Official website:

    Okinawa Autotech is a leading electric scooter manufacturer in India, known for its focus on providing eco-friendly mobility solutions. What are the best electric scooters for adults?

    Founded in 2015, the company has rapidly expanded its product portfolio and market presence in a relatively short span of time.

    Okinawa Autotech has been experiencing steady growth in the Indian electric two-wheeler market, driven by increasing consumer awareness about environmental sustainability and rising fuel costs.


    The company has been investing in research and development to enhance its product offerings and technological capabilities.

    Okinawa offers a diverse range of electric scooters catering to different customer segments. Models like the Okinawa Ridge+, Okinawa Praise, and Okinawa i-Praise are popular choices among urban commuters, offering features such as long-range capabilities, fast charging, and advanced safety features.

    Okinawa focuses on developing reliable battery technology and efficient electric drivetrains to ensure optimal performance and user satisfaction.


    Hero Electric

    Official website:

    Hero Electric is a subsidiary of the Hero MotoCorp group, one of the largest two-wheeler manufacturers in the world.

    Established in 2007, Hero Electric specializes in manufacturing electric scooters, catering to the growing demand for eco-friendly mobility solutions.

    Hero Electric has been a key player in promoting electric mobility in India, leveraging its extensive distribution network and brand reputation.

    Hero Electric-2

    The company has been actively expanding its product portfolio and market reach to capitalize on the increasing demand for electric two-wheelers in the country.

    Hero Electric offers a wide range of electric scooters designed for urban commuting and last-mile connectivity.

    Models like the Hero Optima, Hero Flash, and Hero Photon are known for their reliability, affordability, and low operating costs.

    Hero Electric focuses on optimizing battery performance, enhancing ride quality, and incorporating smart features to meet the evolving needs of urban commuters.

    Hero Electric-1


    Official website:

    Okaya Electric is a subsidiary of Okaya Power Group, a leading energy solutions provider in India. Established in 2016, Okaya Electric specializes in manufacturing electric scooters and bikes, focusing on sustainability and innovation.

    Okaya Electric has been gradually expanding its presence in the Indian electric two-wheeler market, leveraging its parent company’s expertise in battery technology and energy storage solutions.

    The company aims to offer reliable and eco-friendly mobility solutions to consumers across different segments.

    OKAYA EV 2

    Okaya Electric offers a range of electric scooters and bicycles designed for urban commuting and leisure riding.

    Models like the Okaya Freedum, Okaya Rides, and Okaya E-Rickshaw are equipped with advanced battery management systems, fast charging capabilities, and ergonomic designs, providing users with a comfortable and convenient riding experience.

    Okaya Electric focuses on continuous innovation and research to enhance the performance, range, and safety features of its electric vehicles, catering to the evolving needs of consumers.

    OKAYA EV 1


    Official website:

    Bgauss is an electric mobility startup based in India, focusing on the development and manufacturing of electric scooters. Established in recent years, the company aims to offer smart and eco-friendly mobility solutions to urban commuters.

    Bgauss has been gaining traction in the Indian electric two-wheeler market, leveraging its focus on technology and design innovation.

    BGAUSS 1

    The company has been actively expanding its product portfolio and market presence, targeting discerning consumers looking for premium electric scooters.

    Bgauss offers a range of electric scooters equipped with advanced features and smart connectivity options.

    Models like the Bgauss A2 and Bgauss B8 are known for their stylish designs, long-range capabilities, and intelligent features such as anti-theft alarms and GPS tracking.

    Bgauss focuses on leveraging cutting-edge technology and efficient powertrains to deliver superior performance and user experience, positioning itself as a premium player in the Indian electric two-wheeler market.

    BGAUSS 2


    Official website:

    SAMEBIKE, renowned for its excellence in electric bike manufacturing, has dedicated 18 years to crafting diverse e-bike models.

    As one of the premier electric bike suppliers, we cater to retail customizations and wholesale OEM services, boasting extensive expertise in e-bike production. Our seasoned team aids dealers in selecting optimal products.

    SAMEBIKE step-through bike-10

    Since our inception in 2004, Sameway Group has spearheaded the research, development, and global promotion of lithium electric bicycles and associated items.

    With R&D engineers possessing over a decade of experience, we facilitate robust OEM/ODM production and continually expand our manufacturing capacities.

    SAMEBIKE, the leading China’s electric bike company, offers a versatile range of models, including mountain, snow, folding, urban commuting, ladies’, elderly, and patrol electric bikes.

    These cater to individuals aged 16-80, spanning various occupations and activities such as commuting, shopping, travel, and sports entertainment.

    SAMEBIKE step-through bike-2


    These are the top 10 two-wheeler manufacturers in India.

    In conclusion, the Indian electric two-wheeler market is witnessing rapid growth and innovation, driven by increasing environmental consciousness, government incentives, and technological advancements.

    Companies like Ola Electric, TVS Motor Company, and Ather Energy are leading the charge with their innovative products and sustainable mobility solutions.

    With a diverse range of offerings catering to different customer segments, the future of electric mobility in India looks promising, with continued investments in research, development, and infrastructure expected to drive further adoption and growth in the years to come.

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