Top 10 best mountain bike helmets for cyclists can buy right now

Top 10 best mountain bike helmets for cyclists can buy right now

We conclude the top 10 best mountain bike helmets for cyclists can buy right now! You can also check the best road bike helmets for your reference.

The standard by which we judge a good helmet is the perfect combination of safety, aerodynamics and breathability.

You’d think a helmet like this would be very expensive, wouldn’t you? That’s not necessarily true, as there are non-top line helmets that offer great performance for as little as $100.

While these helmets may be technologically “out of date”, you don’t have to worry about their safety, as all helmets must pass rigorous testing before they are approved for sale.

In this article, we’ve selected a series of great helmets from low to high prices to see if there’s one you’d like to buy.

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    Top 10 best mountain bike helmets for cyclists can buy right now

    Here are the top 10 best mountain bike helmets for cyclists can buy right now(from low to high prices):
    • Van Rysel RoadR 500: £30 ($36)
    • Giant Relay MIPS: £45 ($54)
    • Specialized Align II: £45 ($54)
    • Endura Xtract II: £60 ($72)
    • Cannondale Junction: £65 ($79)
    • Bell Avenue MIPS: £65 ($78)
    • MET Allroad: £70 ($85)
    • Limar Air Stratos: £80 ($96)
    • Specialized Propero 3 ANGi: £95 ($115)
    • Bontrager Starvos WaveCel: £100 ($121)

    Van Rysel RoadR 500

    Price: £30 ($36)

    Pros: ① Looks great for a budget helmet  ② has 14 ventilation holes for good breathability

    Van Rysel RoadR 500-1

    The Van Rysel RoadR 500 helmet is all-round oriented, looks nice without being cheap and is very comfortable to wear.

    The helmet has 14 ventilation holes that help the rider’s head dissipate heat quickly. The downside is that the adjustment knobs on the back of the helmet are too rough.

    Available in two sizes and three colors, the overall shape of the RoadR 500 helmet is not as compact as the Van Rysel Aerofit 900 helmet.

    Van Rysel RoadR 500-2

    Giant Relay MIPS

    Price: £45 ($54)

    Pros: ① Great value for an MIPS system at this price point ② Impressive breathability

    Giant Relay MIPS-1

    The Giant Relay MIPS is a great helmet for money, with a perfect 5-star rating in Virginia Tech’s helmet safety test, on par with many top helmets.

    This helmet features odor-resistant padding and 17 vents to ensure good breathability, and it doesn’t feel heavy to wear while riding.

    It also has a nice feel to the adjustment knobs and the addition of the MIPS system is a great value.

    Giant Relay MIPS-2

    Specialized Align II

    Price: £45 ($54)

    Pros: ① MIPS system ② Comfortable to wear

    Cons: Slightly higher weight

    Specialized Align II-1
    The Specialized Align II helmet maintains its brand credentials. It has an MIPS system, well-made padding, and good breathability and fit.

    However, the helmet weighs a bit more at 374g in size M/L, which is noticeable when riding.

    Specialized Align II-2

    Endura Xtract II

    Price: £60 ($72)

    Pros: Excellent exterior texture and breathability

    Cons: no MIPS system

    Endura Xtract II-1
    At 270g, the Endura Xtract II helmet is a more standard road bike helmet. The helmet has deep vents on the front and back to help the rider’s head dissipate heat better.

    The outer shell, padding and straps are value for money.

    Endura Xtract II-2

    Cannondale Junction

    Price: £65 ($79)

    Pros: ① Good value for money ② Suitable for many riding scenarios

    Cannondale Junction-1

    The Cannondale Junction has many features not found in more expensive helmets.

    It is comfortable to wear, has excellent breathability and safety, and weighs a respectable amount.

    It’s also very small, so you don’t look big when wearing it, which makes it a great helmet to use when riding off-road.

    Cannondale Junction-2

    Bell Avenue MIPS

    Price: £65 ($78)

    Pros: ① Good value for money ② has MIPS system, adjustment system is user-friendly

    Bell Avenue MIPS-1
    The Bell Avenue MIPS helmet gets excellent crash prevention technology at a relatively affordable price.

    It features a polycarbonate shell that not only serves as a reflective reminder, but is also breathable.

    In addition, the adjustment system on this helmet is very user-friendly and easy to use. However, at this price point, the weight of 310g is a bit high.

    Bell Avenue MIPS-2

    MET Allroad

    Price: £70 ($85)

    Pros: Designed for gravel road bikers, comes with its own sun rim and rear light – what’s the difference between all-road bike vs gravel bike?

    MET Allroad-1
    MET Allroad is designed for gravel road bike enthusiasts, but if you like the style of this helmet with its own sun rim, then it’s suitable for any bike, so don’t let marketing tactics influence your choice.

    This helmet has its own rear light and is very girl-friendly, with the rear being ponytail compatible.

    As far as the wearing experience is concerned, it is comfortable to wear, breathable and up to the level of a high-quality bike helmet.

    MET Allroad-2

    Limar Air Stratos

    Price: £80 ($96)

    Pros: Light weight and well made

    Cons: No MIPS system

    Limar Air Stratos-1
    Limar defines the Air Stratos as a gravel road bike helmet, but its light weight of 240g is also perfect for speed-oriented road bikes. You can also check the top 5 best electric road bike.

    It’s a well-made and affordable helmet with solid padding and a good adjustment system.

    However, it doesn’t come with the MIPS system and the adjustment knobs are a bit too small.

    Limar Air Stratos-2

    Specialized Propero 3 ANGi

    Price: £95 ($115)

    Pros: ① Advanced technology with MIPS and ANGi sensors ② Excellent detail and easy-to-use adjustment system

    Specialized Propero 3 ANGi-1
    The Specialized Propero 3 ANGi is a smart helmet with an ANGi sensor that sends information to the outside world when you are in danger.

    It also has some of the best features of Specialized’s premium helmet, the Prevail, such as looks and breathability.

    This helmet is very light, weighing 305g in size M. Even in very hard and hot riding conditions, the helmet’s tight harness locks your head comfortably in place.

    Specialized Propero 3 ANGi-2

    Bontrager Starvos WaveCel

    Price: £100 ($121)

    Benefits: ① Black WaveCel technology ② 66cm plus size option

    Bontrager Starvos WaveCel-1
    The Bontrager Starvos WaveCel helmet has WaveCel collapsible honeycomb technology, which is said to be more effective at absorbing impact than EPS.

    The helmet is very breathable and does not feel uncomfortable in hot weather, and despite its 375g weight, head pressure is not noticeable while wearing it.

    In addition, the helmet is very friendly to large head users and is available in sizes from 60cm to 66cm.

    Bontrager Starvos WaveCel-2


    Above are the top 10 best mountain bike helmets for cyclists can buy right now, what others do you recommend?

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