Top 5 trending best electric bike in India – comprehensive data

Top 5 trending best electric bike in India - comprehensive data

This article conclude the top 5 trending best electric bike in India for cyclists can buy right now. You can also check the top 10 bicycle manufacturers in India.

E-bikes have the potential to become the best form of transport in India.

They are also an excellent means of transportation because they combine the convenience of a car with the excitement of riding, making them especially useful for recreational activities.

E-bikes are more environmentally friendly than traditional two-wheelers because they emit less carbon into the atmosphere.

Many initiatives taken by the Indian government to reduce vehicle pollution are driving the market growth.

The industry has benefited from the growing popularity of e-bikes due to low ownership and maintenance costs.

Advances in charging infrastructure and India’s expanding automotive industry present attractive growth opportunities for end customers.

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    Top 5 trending best electric bike in India for cyclists can buy in 2024

    Here are the top 5 best electric bike in India for cyclists can buy in 2024:

    • Oben Rorr
    • Revolt RV400
    • Gravton Quanta
    • Tork Kratos R
    • Hop Oxo – X

    Oben Rorr

    Oben Electric has redefined the idea of electric bikes with its flagship Oben Rorr electric bike.

    Embodying the spirit of ecoconsciousness, this pioneering electric motorbike allows bikers to enjoy electrifying rides without worrying about increasing carbon emissions.

    Oben Rorr-1

    EST. ₹1,49 Lakh
    Motor 8KW
    Top speed 100 KMPH
    Range 187 KMS
    Battery 4.4 kWh

    Equipped with a 8kW heavy-duty IPMSM motor, this e-bike can reach an electrifying top speed of 100 KMPH.

    Amazingly, the Oben Rorr is known for its swift acceleration, going from O to 40 kmph in 3 seconds!

    One of the key highlights of the Oben Rorr, which impresses EV enthusiasts, is its superior battery life.

    Using the latest combination of Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP), the battery life of the Oben Rorr is twice that of the ordinary lithium batteries available on the market.

    These batteries are a better ecological alternative as well since they limit the use of harmful chemicals such as Nickel and Cobalt.

    Leveraging this modern technology, the Oben Rorr can pump out an awe-inspiring 187 km range on a single charge. The icing on the cake – the battery can charge fully in just two hours.

    Oben Rorr-2

    Revolt RV400

    Revolt motorcycles’ lithium-ion batteries have been made keeping in mind the riding behavior and usage of the Indian riders.

    The batteries have been certified as waterproof, damage proof, shock proof and all-weather friendly according to ARAI standards.

    Revolt RV400-1

    EST. ₹1.62 Lakh
    Motor 3KW
    Top speed 45 KMPH
    Range 80-150 KMS
    Battery 72V/3.24 kWh
    Weight 108KG

    RV400’s structure has been designed around the dynamics of a sports bike.

    The battery being the heaviest has been kept high enough to maintain a centre of gravity that helps you in handling tight corners and everyday city traffic problems.

    Explore the RV400’s power through a robust 3KW mid-drive motor which is capable of generating 170Nm torque and is equipped with a sprocket belt drive.

    The highly durable belt with a really long life will make you forget lubrications and chain hassles for life.

    Revolt RV400-2

    Gravton Quanta

    The Quanta has been designed keeping Indian rural road conditions in mind and rides on 17-inch alloy wheels while the battery placement offers a low centre of gravity.

    The motorcycle gets a removable battery pack that can be charged at home. It’s a 3 kWh lithium-ion unit that promises a range of 150 km on a single charge.

    The company says this can be extended to 320 km in the Eco mode.

    Gravton Quanta-1

    EST. ₹99,000
    Motor 3KW
    Top speed 70 KMPH
    Range 320 KMS
    Charging time 2-3h
    Weight 100KG

    Power on the Quanta comes from the 3 kW BLDC electric motor that is engineered and manufactured in-house.

    The motor makes about 4 bhp of power, while peak torque stands at 170 Nm. The top speed is rated at 70 kmph.

    Other features on the Gravton Quanta include two-mode charging that comprises fast charging that can juice up the battery in 90 minutes at a rate of 1 km per minute.

    The regular model, meanwhile, takes three hours, according to the company.

    There will also be a smartphone app that will allow features like remote lock/unlock, lights turn on and off, roadside assistance, mapping service stations and more.

    The company is offering a warranty period of five years, while the payload capacity stands at 250 kg.

    Gravton Quanta-2

    Tork Kratos R

    Tork Kratos R is an electric street bike available in 2 variants and 7 colours.

    With both front and rear disc brakes, Tork Kratos R comes up with combined braking system of both wheels.

    The Tork Kratos features a naked roadster styling that is complemented by a triangular-shaped headlight, split-type seat, and two-piece pillion grab rails.

    The base model is available in a white colour option while the R variant is listed in four choices – white, blue, red, and black.

    Tork Kratos R-1

    EST. ₹1.67 Lakh
    Motor 9KW
    Top speed 105 KMPH
    Range 180 KMS
    Battery 48V/4 kWh
    Weight 140KG

    The 4kWH, IP67 certified, lithium-ion battery pack on both variants is claimed to deliver an IDC (Indian Driving Cycle) range of 180km.

    The company claims a real-life range of 120km per charge for both motorcycles. How to test a motorcycle battery?

    The R variant also benefits from fast charging capabilities, and Tork Motors claims 0-80% recharging in one hour.

    The Kratos R behaves like a 125cc commuter motorcycle in the eco mode.

    The power is there, but not so much to overtake vehicles quickly.

    It takes a while to reach high speeds, and the effort is much more with a pillion.

    And in case there’s an uphill, the eco mode will definitely make you reach your destination a little later than expected.

    But on the upside, the eco mode will give you the maximum riding range.

    Tork Kratos R-2

    Hop Oxo - X

    Hop Electric OXO is an electric street bike available in 2 variants and 5 colours. The HOP OXO is an electric motorcycle. It is offered in two models: standard and X.

    The HOP OXO gets youthful and funky styling. It has a stylish headlight with bulb illumination, a scooped single-piece seat, and mildly sharp bodywork.

    Hop Oxo - X-1

    EST. ₹1.43 Lakh
    Motor 6.2KW
    Top speed 95 KMPH
    Range 150 KMS
    Battery 72V/3.75 kWh
    Weight 144KG

    The OXO’s feature list comprises an LCD, regenerative braking, reverse assist, side-stand sensor, smartphone connectivity, anti-theft alarm, USB charging, Bluetooth, and more.

    The OXO electric motorcycle rides on telescopic front forks and dual rear shocks. OXO is engineered for the highest level of safety.

    From rugged chassis, double disc combi braking system to mobile connected features like anti-theft alerts and geo-fencing, OXO’ is safe, reliable and robust.

    Hop Oxo - X-2


    Above are the best top 5 trending best electric bike in India for cyclists can buy right now, what others do you recommend?

    The increased supply of e-bikes through online and offline channels is driving e-bike sales across the country.

    Major market organizations operating in India are investing extensively in research and development projects to improve product quality.

    They are also focusing on improving battery technology, incorporating lightweight materials, and investing in advertising campaigns to increase overall sales. What are the top 10 lightest electric mountain bike you can buy?

    As a result of these initiatives, the market is expected to expand, which is likely to drive the growth of e-bikes in India in the coming years.

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