Solid growth of the Spanish bicycle market in a cooling market

Solid growth of the Spanish bicycle market in a cooling market

The global bicycle market has experienced an unprecedented boom since 2019.

However, the global bicycle market is beginning to show signs of cooling as we enter 2023.

Although the overall market size is still growing, the growth rate has slowed significantly and against this background, the bicycle market in Spain is still maintaining a solid growth momentum.

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    Production declined slightly

    Spain’s internal production dynamics were strong, with a total of 353,036 bicycles produced in 2022 and its domestic bicycle output growing 2.8% to €255.9 million, according to statistics from Spain’s Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism.

    Production into 2023 was down from 2022 due to market conditions, but remained at a high level, with Spain producing 262,800 bikes by October 2023, more than it produced in all of 2019 (225,400 units).

    Although this is a bit short of 2022 production (353,000 units), it is a solid production performance considering market volatility and the economic environment.

    At the same time, although Spanish production fell by 4.8% in March and 9.6% in April, the market value of bicycles manufactured in Spain increased in both cases, with the total value of bicycles produced in Spain increasing by 17.2% to €25.6 million in March. You can also check the top 5 electric bike manufacturers in Europe for your reference.

    This shows that the development of the Spanish bicycle market is not only a quantitative increase, but also a qualitative one.

    Production declined slightly

    Sustained export growth and a significant trade surplus

    According to provisional data from the Ministry of Industry and Tourism, Spain’s bicycle export market is also becoming increasingly prosperous.

    Between 2021 and 2022, the total value of exports increased by 76.5%, with Spain’s bicycle exports to the rest of the world totalling 214 million euros in the first nine months of 2023, exceeding 110 million euros in 2019, 135 million euros in 2020, and 191 million euros in 2021, in addition to a significant trade surplus, which in the first nine months of 2023 amounted to 82 million euros.

    Today Spain is one of the world’s top 10 exporters of bicycles, mainly to the French and German markets. Who are the top 5 wholesale electric bikes suppliers?

    Sustained export growth and a significant trade surplus

    Steady price increases and wider profit margins

    The average price of a bicycle produced in Spain in 2023 has increased significantly compared to 2022, from €725 to €836.

    This indicates that the market demand for high-quality bicycles is increasing, which also provides producers with more profit margins.

    The price increase is mainly due to the increased share of sales of higher-priced electric bikes and the growing popularity of gravel bikes.

    With a cumulative gross value added (GVA) of €97.7 million in the first four months of 2023, an increase of 20.4% compared to the same period in 2022, these figures also speak volumes about the dynamism and potential of the Spanish bicycle market.

    Despite a slight decline in production, the Spanish bicycle industry has demonstrated strong export capabilities and stable production capacity.

    Steady price increases and wider profit margins

    The potential of the bicycle market is still enormous as global environmental awareness and healthy lifestyles increase. At the same time, the steady rise in prices has also brought more profit margins for producers, which is conducive to the sustainable development of the industry.

    Overall, Spain’s bicycle industry maintains strong competitiveness in the global market and still has great potential for growth in the future.

    Although production has declined, both the trade surplus and rising prices indicate that the industry is moving in a healthier and more sustainable direction.

    European green initiative

    In Europe, cycling is not only a healthy lifestyle, but also a low-carbon and environmentally friendly travel option.

    To encourage and support more people to use bicycles, Europe has launched a provisional agreement called the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive, which sets minimum European bicycle parking standards for all types of buildings, both residential and non-residential.

    After two years of negotiations, lawmakers agreed on a text on December 7.

    The text, which will be formally approved by Member States and the European Parliament early next year, is a major change in EU bicycle parking standards for residential buildings and aims to promote bicycles as a climate-friendly and energy-efficient means of transport.

    The rules on bicycle parking to be followed by Member States are set out below:

    New residential buildings and residential buildings are undergoing major renovations with more than three parking spaces: at least two bicycle parking spaces per residential building unit.

    European green initiative

    The average household size in the EU is 2 to 3 people, which means that each resident living in such buildings can have a bicycle parking space.

    For new non-residential buildings and buildings undergoing major renovation with five or more parking spaces: bicycle parking spaces of at least 15% of the building’s average occupied capacity or 10% of the building’s total occupied capacity.

    In addition, spaces for bicycles larger than standard bike sizes (e.g., cargo bikes) need to be considered. You can also check the best e-cargo bike for your reference.

    For existing non-residential buildings with 20 or more car parking spaces, bicycle parking spaces should be at least 15% of the building’s average parking capacity or 10% of the building’s total use capacity.

    Similarly, space should be provided for bicycles of larger dimensions than standard bicycles.

    Member States must also remove barriers to the installation of charging points to ensure that the “right to charge” becomes a reality.

    Overall, charging points must support smart charging and, where appropriate, two-way charging. These provisions will ensure that adequate cycle parking is provided, including for cargo bikes.

    European green initiative 1

    The agreement states that these regulations must be in place by January 1, 2027 for existing non-residential buildings.

    As environmental awareness rises and urbanization accelerates, bicycles are becoming more and more popular as a green and healthy way to travel.

    Europe, as a region with a developed bicycle culture, has been actively promoting the popularization of bicycle parking spaces in apartments in recent years to further promote the development of the bicycle market.

    As a low-carbon, environmentally friendly way to travel, bicycles can reduce urban traffic congestion and air pollution, and improve the quality of life of urban residents.

    At the same time, the popularity of apartment bicycle parking can also encourage more people to choose to travel by bike, thereby reducing the use of motor vehicles, reducing carbon emissions and contributing to environmental protection.

    SAMEBIKE SY26 ebike-1

    Europe promotes the popularization of bicycle parking in apartments to improve the existing bicycle infrastructure, which is not only conducive to the development of the bicycle market, but also promotes the optimization of urban traffic and the enhancement of environmental awareness.

    By setting up bicycle parking spaces in apartments, it can facilitate residents’ daily cycling trips and promote the popularization of bicycles, and the popularization of bicycle parking spaces in apartments can also promote the optimization of urban traffic and the enhancement of environmental awareness.

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