Analysis of the U.S. e-bike market – present state and perspectives

Take you through the U.S. e-bike market - present state and perspectives

E-bikes are the electric bikes we usually talk about. The e-bike in Europe and the United States differs significantly from the Chinese e-bike.

The main driving force of the Chinese electric bike is electric power, the pedal is virtually non-existent, there is no role for the user, the bike is a “legal compliance” electric motorcycle.

The popular e-bike in Europe and the United States is more like a real bicycle with an electric motor, which can be driven by human power.

That is to, the electric motor is designed to allow you to glide faster and ride more easily, rather than relying on purely electric power drive.

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    Types of electric bikes

    Electric power-assisted bicycles are one of the derivatives of bicycles, and their market segments are diverse, which can basically be subdivided by function, battery power and propulsion type.

    According to the basic function, it can be divided into road, mountain and cargo three kinds, of which the cargo electric bike is more in the commercial field. You can also check the best 3-Wheel electric bike for your reference.

    According to the battery power, it can be divided into lead-acid battery, nickel-metal hydride battery and lithium-ion battery power assisted bike, of which the lithium battery becomes the most common battery power in North America due to the characteristics of light weight and durability.

    According to the type of propulsion, it can be divided into the gas pedal type and the pedal-assisted type, of which the pedal-assisted type occupies the mainstream position in Europe and America, and may occupy up to 70% segment in the future.

    Types of electric bikes

    According to the type of propulsion, it can be classified into throttle type and pedal-assisted type, with pedal-assisted type occupying the mainstream position in Europe and the United States, and it may occupy up to 70% of the market in the future.

    For most consumers, electric bike have certain advantages in terms of driving speed, cost, fairness, safety, riding or parking space, and power energy.

    For example, the advantage of avoiding congested traffic due to riding and parking is a huge advantage of e-bikes;

    North American cities have high congestion rates, and U.S. consumers lose about 99 hours per person per year due to traffic congestion.

    Riding experience of electric bikes

    In a survey of the riding experience of North American e-bike users, we found that e-bikes help users overcome many of the barriers to cycling:

    • Breaking through physical limitations so that people with disabilities or seniors can also participate in cycling;
    • Breaking the distance limit can cover a longer distance destination; What are the top 5 long range electric bike?
    • Breaking through the terrain limitation, you can freely walk through hills and slopes;
    • Breaking through physical limitations, one can reach the destination without sweating;

    Many respondents live in households with one or more children, with one noting, “I can take my kids all over town without having to think about elevation gain or parking.”

    In addition, about 86% of Americans live in suburbs and metropolitan areas, and e-bikes can unlock suburbs because they can travel longer distances, flat hills, and can be used by people of different physical abilities and ages.

    Riding experience of electric bikes

    The North American electric bike market size

    E-bikes are currently booming in Asia, with China topping the list.

    Surprisingly, North America is a close second, just behind Asia Pacific.

    The North American market is currently the target of various brand manufacturers looking to make a business breakthrough in the region, as the market for electric bicycle applications opened late due to technical problems, retail availability and unit costs.

    Most importantly, e-bikes are now used for everyday activities rather than leisure, and this shift in usage perception has greatly stimulated the growth of the North American e-bike market.

    Thus, at this stage in the North American market, there is no doubt that electric bicycles are more popular than ever before.

    According to an analysis report by Deloitte, annual sales of e-bikes in North America and Europe (combined) have almost doubled compared to 2018, reaching an estimated 6.4 million units by 2021, with e-bikes sales in the U.S. up 26% compared to 2020, and in Europe up 22%.

    The North American electric bike market size

    Deloitte predicts that the market for e-bikes will continue to grow strongly.

    In addition, the rising cost of gasoline will drive the growth of electric bicycles in the United States.

    The price of chemical fuels has skyrocketed, and there has been widespread acceptance of electric-assisted bikes.

    Meanwhile, strong government initiatives to reduce carbon emissions and efforts to decongest cities have guided North American consumers’ response and acceptance of electric bikes, leading to continued market growth.

    In addition, there is a growing interest in commercial applications of electric bikes, such as logistics and delivery services and bike rentals.

    We can foresee the logistics industry contributing significantly to the sales growth of the e-assisted bicycle market over the next decade.

    Impact of COVID-19 on the e-bikes market

    The ongoing COVID-19 epidemic has changed many lifestyles in every aspect of society. For the North American public, the rapid growth of e-bikes in the midst of the epidemic has changed the way people travel.

    Before the epidemic, the appeal of electric bike was that they were a recreational sport that helped users commute and enjoy reasonable adventure or recreation and provided power support for riding.

    Now that the epidemic is over, society, cities, and consumers are realizing the benefits of electric bike, and after taking into account health, safety, energy efficiency, and dodging crowds and congested traffic, consumers have become more favorable to electric bike are more favorable and their sales are soaring.

    Impact of COVID-19 on the e-bikes market

    Florida market as an example

    Florida is a famous sunshine state in the United States, with rich natural resources and unique cultural charm.

    In recent years, with the popularization of the concept of health and environmental protection, more and more Florida residents are choosing e-bikes as a travel tool.

    According to sales data in recent years, the e-bike market in Florida has shown rapid growth.

    In just a few years, sales of e-bikes have grown from an initial 20% of the market to over 50%.

    This remarkable growth reflects both the importance residents place on environmentally friendly mobility and is closely related to the current state of urban traffic congestion.

    In terms of industry trends, with the continuous advancement of technology, e-bikes are undergoing a revolution from traditional technology to smart technology.

    Florida market as an example

    The future e-bike will have more advanced motors, batteries and control systems to meet consumer demand for higher speeds, longer range and more convenient use experiences.

    The e-bike market is expected to continue to grow with the popularity of environmental awareness and technological advances. According to forecasts, future e-bikes will have stronger performance, longer range, and more intelligent human-machine interaction.

    In addition, the development of the sharing economy will also bring new opportunities for the e-bike market, and bike sharing is expected to become one of the most important modes of urban transportation and travel.

    For the e-bike market in Florida, it is expected that the state will continue to promote green travel policies and increase support for e-bikes.

    At the same time, with the development of smart technology and consumers’ pursuit of high quality of life, the high-end e-bike market will also have greater growth potential.

    Therefore, for e-bike brands in Florida to stand out in the fierce market competition, they need to continue to innovate and improve product quality and service level to meet the changing needs of consumers.

    Future development trend of electric bike

    Electric bicycles are undergoing fundamental changes, with the introduction of mobile connectivity and digital technology making travel and life easier, while creating an increasingly clear differentiation from traditional bicycles.

    The future of the electric bicycle market is set to become more diverse, with more and more technological innovations taking place, and its future improvements are likely to be more exciting than ever!

    Faster and longer lasting safe speeds, providing excellent mobility and long-lasting power support;

    More compact size, more flexible mobility support and minimal storage requirements in urban centres;

    Larger permissible load capacity, providing sufficient cargo carrying capacity when travelling short distances; What are the best e-cargo bike you can buy?

    Future development trend of electric bike

    Tighter mobile connectivity, with more mobile connectivity technologies integrated into e-bikes;

    Safer anti-theft protection, eliminating the need for physical anti-theft and using intelligent anti-theft protection devices;

    Electric bikes are reshaping urban transportation, whether you’re battling your way through the urban jungle or building your own home in the countryside. It has found a place in lifestyles filled with youth and pop culture and is a status symbol. Innovative bike concepts provide more fun, safety and a high quality of life.

    While electric bikes have been growing for some time, the latest technology is bringing a whole new look to the bike of the future.

    In the context of modern hybrid mobility solutions, electric bikes will play a key role.

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