Europe’s most promising market for cargo bikes – Germany

Europe's most promising market for cargo bikes - Germany

In Europe, not only cool e-bikes and stylish e-scooters are on the road, but also retro-looking cargo bikes with higher capacity are increasingly appearing on the streets. What are the best e-cargo bike you can buy?

Cargo bikes were replaced by cars in the 20th century and faded from history. Today’s cargo bikes have been transformed into excellent alternatives to cars with the help of electrification.

According to a study conducted by the CycleLogistics project, which involves the European Union, more than 50% of motorized cargo in European cities can be replaced by cargo bikes, which have more advantages in terms of cost, efficiency and cargo carrying capacity.

According to Insights, the global cargo bike market will reach $1,281.4 million in 2022 and is expected to reach $2.04 billion in 2023, growing at a CAGR of 14.36%.

Among them, Europe occupies nearly half of the global market share, and Germany has become the most promising cargo bike market in Europe with a very high market growth rate.

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    Large market size and fast growth rate

    Germany’s cargo bike market is large. Germany’s population is among the top three in Europe.

    In the German cargobike 2021 market survey, nearly 12% of respondents said they would like to buy a cargo bike.

    According to the number of people living in Germany between the ages of 14 and 69, there are about 7 million potential buyers of cargo bikes.

    In addition, the German market is leading Europe in terms of growth, with sales of cargo bikes increasing from about 15,000 units to about 212,800 units from 2016 to 2022, a seven-year CAGR of more than 60%, making it one of the fastest growing categories in the German bicycle industry.

    Large market size and fast growth rate

    Among them, sales growth in 2018 was the largest, amounting to 178%, and sales growth in 2021 was the largest, with an increase of more than 60,000 units, and sales peaked in 2022, totaling 212,800 units.

    Based on the average selling price of e-bike in Germany of 2,800 euros, German cargo bikes already have a market size of nearly 600 million dollars and the market continues to show a trend of growth.

    European cargo bike brands key markets

    According to the German cargobike 2021 market survey data, among the European cargo bike brands, nearly half of the brands choose Germany as the first market, followed by Denmark, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and other countries.

    Germany is considered the most important market in Europe.

    “Cargo bikes have a great future in Germany,” travel expert Stefan Carsten said in an interview. He expects that by 2030, 2 million cargo bikes will be sold in Germany.

    European cargo bike brands key markets

    Popular categories in the market

    Cargo bikes are divided into two main categories: commercial and personal use, with personal use being used in households for daily shopping, picking up children, and transporting goods, etc.

    In addition to private use, they are also widely used for freight transport in cities. For example, logistics giant UPS has started using cargo bikes to deliver parcels in more than a dozen cities in Germany.

    The German Bicycle Logistics Association (RLVD) estimates that there are up to 100,000 commercially available cargo bikes on German roads.

    In addition, cargo bikes with electric assistance are clearly preferred, not only because they are cheaper to use, but also because they save energy and have a longer e-bike range

    Popular categories in the market

    A more popular shared market

    According to Bicycle Monitor 2021, 28% of respondents would be willing to use a cargo bike rental system, more than twice as many as would be willing to buy one (12%).

    This also indicates a growing interest in cargo bike rental systems and a significant increase in the availability of sharing providers, with 167 cargo bike sharing locations in 137 German cities, according to Check how to find the electric bike rentals near me for your reference.

    A more popular shared market

    Government subsidies

    In Germany, the purchase of commercial e-cargo bikes and e-trailers equipped with Pedelec 25 drives is subsidized up to €2,500 nationwide.

    There are other municipal subsidies available, such as Stuttgart’s offer of €800 for private e-cargo bikes + €500 sustainability bonus after 3 years for households without a car or a social bonus of up to €1,500;

    Coburg’s subsidy of up to 25% of the net purchase price, up to €1,500 for a cargo smart electric vehicle, €150 for a bicycle trailer and €1,000 for a cargo trailer;

    And Wernstadt’s flat-rate subsidy of €500 for cargo bikes and a flat-rate fee for battery replacement. Coburg subsidizes up to 25% of the net purchase price, up to €1,500 for a bike trailer and up to €1,000 for a cargo trailer;

    Government subsidies

    Cargo bikes, with their environmental and convenient advantages, have become a promising growth segment of electric micromobility products, both in the private and commercial sectors, thanks to government support.

    The rapid growth of the German freight market is proof that cargo bikes are becoming an important part of mobility, a practical, environmentally friendly and low maintenance solution as an alternative to the car and a second choice for families. You can also check the daily maintenance of e-bike for your reference.

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