China Cycle 2024 is bustling with thrilling events and activities

China Cycle 2024 is bustling with thrilling events and activities

On May 5, 2024, the 32nd China Cycle was officially opened in Shanghai New International Expo Center.

With the theme of “New Track, New Power, New Journey”, the exhibition aims to comprehensively show the new trends in the development of today’s bicycle and e-bike industry, as well as to display the latest scientific and technological achievements and innovations, and at the same time, present the new concepts of bicycles for people’s healthy travel and recreational life.

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    With the change in people’s lifestyles, the global demand for bicycles is rapidly rising, attracting many high-quality companies and manufacturers to enter the show, driving the innovation and development of products throughout the entire industry.

    The scale of this year’s exhibition was further expanded, with an exhibition area of 150,000 square meters; it not only attracted many Chinese enterprises to participate, but also well-known international enterprises also enthusiastically registered, with about 1,500 exhibitors, which is a strong proof of the continued recovery of the two-wheeled vehicle industry(top 20 electric two-wheeler manufacturers in the world).

    In this bicycle event that brings together top technology, innovative products and cutting-edge accessories competed with each other, fully demonstrating the technological strength of the industry and attracting many buyers to shuttle in and out of the event.

    China Cycle 2024

    At the same time, in order to allow a wider group of visitors to also integrate into the event, the organizers carefully planned a series of colorful activities. Including e-Sports National Championships, bicycle trial riding experience, excellent product display, etc.

    And many companies also held a “cycling challenge” in their booths, which added a lot of fun to the exhibition, and allowed visitors to understand the characteristics of the products exhibited and the charm of cycling culture from different angles.

    Now, let’s go into this wonderful cycling activity and feel the unique charm of cycling!

    2024 China cycling e-Sports competition

    The first thing that came was the crowded Cycling eSports Championship. With the popularity of indoor cycling, more and more cycling enthusiasts are trying to use cycling platforms for online cycling.

    Indoor cycling has gradually entered the public’s view, showing a broad prospect.

    2024 China cycling e Sports competition

    At the Championship, the atmosphere was warm and tense, professional riders were not restricted by the outdoor environment to show their athletic style at the event site, and visitors could also deeply feel the enthusiasm and vitality on the field.

    The Cycling e-Sports Championship not only provides a stage for cycling enthusiasts to show themselves and challenge their limits, but also promotes the popularization and development of indoor cycling culture in the current era of national sports.

    Cycling eSports Championship

    E-bike test ride

    A large test track area for electric bicycles was set up outside the exhibition hall. The test-riding area includes a brand area, enrollment area, sign-in area, equipment area, medical point, and experience track.

    It also contains different terrains such as curves, steep slopes and straight lines, which realistically simulate the riding experience in daily life.

    Many people could also be seen picking the products they were interested in for test rides, and could clearly and intuitively feel the convenience and fun of electric bicycles.

    E bike test ride

    In addition, there was also a stroller(kids’ bike) test ride activity, which was organized in cooperation with the stroller brand R-baby.

    R-baby believes that children should learn to ride a bicycle as naturally as they learn to walk, and that learning to ride a bicycle depends on the guidance of a suitable stroller plus the correct concepts, and that the scientific order should be to slide first and then ride.

    Therefore, R-baby further breakthrough innovation in this exhibition, the establishment of an unprecedented scale of 800 square meters of outdoor stroller pump track test ride experience area, for the size of friends to create an immersive riding feast.

    Here, visitors can not only enjoy the exquisite craftsmanship and design concepts of the new products, but also participate in the test rides to experience the excellent performance and comfortable handling of the various brands of R-baby kids’ bikes(top 10 kids bikes brands in the world), and feel the perfect combination of riding fun and sports passion.

    Innovation demonstration exhibition

    As the popular event of the exhibition, “Innovation Demonstration Show” has been the focus of the industry for 14 consecutive years with its unique charm since its birth.

    Every year, countless innovative products compete for registration, just to show off on this stage.

    Innovation demonstration

    After rigorous screening by the organizing committee, from the originality of design, functionality and practicality, to the ingenuity of structure and craftsmanship, more than 600 products stood out in the competition for the CHINA CYCLE Innovation Award.

    This year, 15 Gold Award and 55 Excellence Award products were selected from over 200 entries.

    Another highlight of this year’s “Innovation Demonstration Show” is the special CHINA CYCLE Innovation Award Review Area.

    Visitors will have the opportunity to see the products at the forefront of the industry trend, gain insight into the development trend and share great opportunities for cooperation.

    Transformation and upgrading demonstration

    Transformation and upgrading demonstration exhibition

    Last year, under the name of “Transformation and Upgrading Demonstration Exhibition”, CICC opened up a new world focusing on the innovation and progress of parts and components.

    Now and then, this year’s demonstration has broadened its vision to cover a wide range of fields such as complete bikes, transmission systems, braking systems and power assist systems for e-bikes, mapping out a broad picture of the overall revitalization of the industry.

    Companies have forged their indestructible core competitiveness in product research and development and technological innovation.

    On the stage of this demonstration exhibition, they also unreservedly share the wisdom and achievements of transformation, the demonstration effect of advanced enterprises, so that more enterprises find the goal of development and add momentum to development.

    Exhibitor activities

    Exhibitor activities

    In order to enhance the enthusiasm of exhibition visitors, exhibitors also opened a variety of exciting activities, such as the U-shaped pool stunt show organized by Cool Ride for everyone to show a unique visual feast, in the show site, a group of small riders wearing professional riding equipment driving a kids’ bike.

    In the U-shaped pool, flexible shuttle, jumping, demonstrating an amazing balance and superb riding skills through the show, more people learned about the charm of stroller stunts, and more people were interested in the performance of stroller stunts.

    Through this performance, more people learned about the charm of kids’ bikes stunts.

    China Cycle 2024 is coming to an end. There are more wonderful products waiting to be excavated.

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