Increasingly intelligent-who will be the “Tesla” of e-bike

Increasingly intelligent-who will be the Tesla of e-bike

Why is the electric bike the “new favorite” of young people today?

There are two main reasons: low exercise threshold, better body recharging; shorter commute time, improved work happiness index.

So in a sense, the e-bike not only solves the problem of commuting, but also sports and leisure, which is a great tool to realize the positive cycle of “work-life”.

No wonder it is becoming more popular.

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    E-bike intelligent breakthrough

    In the field of electric bicycles, intelligence can be said to be the core competitiveness of enterprises.

    Not long ago, the new e-bike brand JOIEEM released a new product – EBIKE-X.

    It adds battery, motor and controller on the basis of traditional bicycles, and is carefully polished in terms of appearance, range and intelligence, hoping to bring users a new comfortable riding experience.

    Under the trend of intelligent products, JOIEEM has developed an intelligent solution with real-time positioning, track record, intelligent unlocking, battery management system and other modules.

    E-bike intelligent breakthrough

    These can help to realize the intelligent management of the entire life cycle of EBIKE-X, trying to redefine the electric bicycle and create the “Tesla” in the field of e-bike. “

    Take JOIEEM App created by Toodle Smart to help JOIEEM .

    This software allows users to enjoy intelligent support throughout the ride, including multiple alarm modes, unlocking methods, ride statistics and ambient lighting control, etc.

    The benefits of e-bike intelligence

    It can be said that EBIKE-X, after adding intelligent buff, will bring users a more humane and safer outdoor riding experience. Specifically reflected in:

    The intelligent dashboard configured on the front of the vehicle can display a number of information about the vehicle, including mileage, speed, power, etc., key information at a glance;


    In the use of EBIKE-X, it supports Bluetooth sensorless unlocking, NFC unlocking, password unlocking, App remote unlocking a variety of unlocking methods, providing users with great riding convenience, no need to wear cumbersome keys when going out;

    During the ride, users can adjust vehicle parameters and create vehicle ambient light effects through the graffiti-enabled JOIEEM App.

    In addition, EBIKE-X supports 4G communication, so users can remotely check the vehicle’s real-time power and status to escort the ride.

    And you can also check the location of the vehicle’s location in real time after parking, and through the big data capabilities of the Toodle cloud, you can judge the vehicle geo-fence in real time.

    JOIEEM App

    When the vehicle exceeds the fence in the parking state, there will be an alarm message to remind users.

    Most critically, as time passes, traditional e-bikes will wear out, while JOIEEM relies on the intelligent management system created by Doodle to manage the entire life cycle of the vehicle before, during and after use, so that the vehicle remains in the best condition.

    For example, JOIEEM can improve system status by adding new functions to extend the service life and maximize the service life of the electric bike batteries by BMS (Battery Management System).

    How to be the "Tesla" of two-wheeled vehicles?

    Design is not only about aesthetics, but also a business tool. Tesla is loved by the younger generation mainly because it is a game changer in the automotive industry.

    It has broken traditional bike design by bringing hidden door handles, large-screen bike computers and other designs from concept car designs to reality.

    These innovations are precisely more in line with the aesthetics of contemporary youth.

    In terms of product design, JOIEEM also takes into account the consumer group mainly from Generation Z.

    How to be the Tesla of two-wheeled vehicles

    Their demands for products are not only functional, but also more willing to pay for design and aesthetics.

    “Simplicity is our ultimate pursuit.” At the 2023 International Consumer Electronics Show, William Johnson, Marketing Director of JOIEEM’s North American division, shared their design philosophy and mentioned that the EBIKE-X model is a futuristic frame design.

    From the outside, EBIKE-X is very flat and full of integrated texture.

    There are almost no exposed lines on the body, not to mention sketchy welds and code tables, brake lines, dashboard, and even the batteries are all integrated into the vehicle’s aluminum unibody frame.

    In order to add texture, EBIKE-X is designed with a 360° surround changing light strip in the center of the frame.

    When night falls, the light surrounding the body becomes the brightest symbol, reflecting each other with the headlight, showing a unique cinematic quality.

    battery on the EBIKE-X

    In addition, users can also adjust the color and lighting effect of the light band through the Doodle Empowered App to create a different sense of atmosphere and maximize the riding experience.

    The EBIKE-X is equipped with a battery protection system (BMS) to extend battery life and improve travel safety.

    The simple design that meets the aesthetics of young people, together with the intelligent solutions provided by Graffiti, gives EBIKE-X powerful functions.

    They can meet the diverse needs of consumers for daily commuting and long-distance travel, greatly enhancing its competitiveness, and thus quickly becoming a new star in the e-bike market.

    E-bike huge market waiting to be priced

    Data show that from 2017 to 2021, e-bike sales in Europe and North America will increase from RMB 2.5 million to RMB 6.4 million, an increase of 156%;

    The global e-bike market size will reach RMB 184.5 billion in 2021, with a growth rate of about 13.9%.

    Coupled with the dual background of global double carbon targets and energy crisis, the emerging environmental protection travel mode is attracting attention, and European and American countries are giving large subsidies to e-bikes, and the Dutch government’s subsidy is as high as 35%.

    E-bike huge market waiting to be leveraged

    Behind this attractive data, it indicates the huge market potential and broad development prospects of the e-bike in the future.

    To seize a larger market on the scale of 100 billion, it is necessary to continuously focus on user experience and work hard on product, technology, service and after-sales level to build a solid product moat.

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