SAMEBIKE MY275 best all-terrain mountain electric bike review


Today, we will delve into the review video of SAMEBIKE MY275 mountain electric bike by Dude Stuff, was it worth purchasing?

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    Before we learn the details about SAMEBIKE MY275 mountain electric bike, let’s get more specs about it!

    Battery 48V 13Ah
    Max speed 32KM/H
    Max range 55+KM
    Motor 500W
    Charging time 4-6h
    Weight 24.5KG

    We’re doing a quick review today on the SAMEBIKE MY275 mountain electric bike, which is a kind of entry-level budget e-bike I would call it because it’s somewhere around a thousand pound retail price in the UK.

    I think it’s about 1200 but it’s currently on sale at the moment. I’m not expecting the highest end components performance etc.

    Obviously at this price point, you are talking kind of an entry level e-bike but for those of you looking for a bike on the budget, we’re going to get straight out on it and see whether it’s half decent you know whether it’s good for people or I think it’s worth buying.

    I’m going to run down the specs of SAMEBIKE MY275 mountain electric bikea bit more when we jump on it, but I’m going to get straight into it.

    SAMEBIKE MY275-1

    Pedal assist of SAMEBIKE MY275 mountain electric bike

    A bit lovely the old pedal assist on this! So, SAMEBIKE MY275, as I said before is a kind of budget entry level e-bike.

    It’s got pedal assist not torque sensing so it just kind of gives you 100%, so you haven’t got much control. I’m not a fan of penal assists.

    There’s nothing against on this bike most budget e-bikes come with non-torque center and pedal assist.

    Wheels of SAMEBIKE MY275 mountain electric bike

    SAMEBIKE MY275 all-terrain electric bike. Comes with 27.5 inch wheels, which a lot of a thousand pounds and under e-bikes tend to come with like tiny little commuter wheels or 26, so 27.5 is a bit better if you want to do some light travel off-road riding. The brakes on it are disc brakes for their mechanical cable discs not hydraulic.

    Features of SAMEBIKE MY275 mountain electric bike

    Things that I’d say I like about it so far, SAMEBIKE MY275 mountain electric bike got a really nice colorful display which shows obviously your distance and your odometer and battery level etc, so it’s got a decent display on it, got a little horn, pretty enough sound limited to do the job.

    You’ve got suspension forks on the front forks and have got a lockout feature on it, so if you want to lock that out for getting rid of the suspension and lock them out, you can do that.

    Pedaling this works is pretty well. You have got the option of a fun throttle which I’ll demonstrate now, not pedaling just find throttle only.

    SAMEBIKE MY275-2

    Speed of SAMEBIKE MY275 mountain electric bike

    I’ll take my glasses off for a sec so I can see the speed. Top speed on SAMEBIKE MY275 mountain electric bike is a up to 22 miles an hour. I think we was doing about 20 miles per hour.

    If anyone’s interested in the gears on this thing. It’s got Shimano 7-speed, so at least it’s like branded gears on it. I found the pedal assist same as most sort of cheap pedal assist.

    We’re about tool consist a little bit too lurchy as soon as you start pedaling. They’ve got torque sensing! So, it’s got Shimano 7-speed mechanical disc brakes front suspension 27.5 inch wheels you’ve got a horn five power levels.

    I mean I don’t think it’s the best looking bike or is neither surpasses, but then at this price point nothing’s going to be mind-blowing.

    Battery of SAMEBIKE MY275 mountain electric bike

    But for someone on a budget looking to get into their first so you buy it for a little bit of commuting, I think the range that they claim on this bike for peddling is 68 miles now.

    The battery on SAMEBIKE MY275 commuter or mountain electric bike is a 48V, which is a bonus for a bike around its price point. You can contact us for more information.

    Most budget e-bikes are 36V, so 48V is a bonus. 13Ah power which is pretty much your standard entry level amp power, this was upgraded. I’m told from 10Ah which is pretty low.

    13Ah is pretty average on this price point for a budget e-bike. So, I’d say the battery is kind of pretty standard if you spend this kind of money. That’s all what you’re going to get most of the time you’re not going to get a 20Ah e-bike or more for like this price point.

    So, you know, it’s got an integrated battery mounting bike, it’s definitely going to do like you kind of commuter or someone who’s not into super heavy off-roading or whatever. It’s not bad there’s nothing negative I can point out about it really.

    SAMEBIKE MY275-3

    Gears seem to work pretty nice. I’m sure it actually accelerates harder to pedal assist when you’re in the lower gears, so I don’t know if some other gears are linked to the controller.

    But for sure, like if I go down in the first gear, accelerates pretty quick! It’s pretty lively to be for. If I go into seventh gear and pedal, one of it has got some kind of not torque sensing but Cadence sensing or something.

    Because there’s definitely a difference between seventh and first gear using the pedal assist. I mean it’s not bad, it’s pretty lovely. It’s not going to blow your mind like speed wise or anything like that the money it costs.

    There’s so much competition out there for like e-bikes around this price point now, and they’re getting better and better for what you can get for your money.

    You know you can spend 500 pounds on an e-bike battery on its own so when you’re talking like a grand for a complete bike, you’re getting quite a lot for your money.

    Motor of SAMEBIKE MY275 mountain electric bike

    The other thing I’ve got to mention: this mountain electric bike – SAMEBIKE MY275 is a 500W brushless motor on here, so technically obviously it’s more on 250W, the legal limit in the UK, but the bike comes locked to a maximum speed limit of like 15 miles an hour, so the bike enters the country anyway if you’re a UK customer.

    It’ll come UK legal. But there is a way of unlocking this bike, so it will go a little bit faster now. It’s not mind-blowing 22 miles an hour to top speed, but it’s still on a bike, 22 is still pretty quick.

    There’s a lot of people that don’t actually realize how fast that is on a bicycle. It’s really not too bad.

    SAMEBIKE MY275-4

    Speed run of SAMEBIKE MY275 mountain electric bike

    Sort of falls back at a bike 500W motor 48V battery 13A, how integrated battery mounting bike style frame 27.5 inch wheels, so it’s pretty much a hardtail mountain bike, which might be useful to some people because a lot of budget e-bikes around this price are normally based on more kind of commuter type bikes that are small wheels unfoldable.

    So it’s pretty useful for those people that just want a hardtail style bike on a budget. We go for a higher speed run. I’m just going to wait till the path clears a little bit. It’s definitely going to do someone who’s just getting into an e-bike.

    You know it’s hard to get excited about entry level. But the most important thing if you’re looking for something on a budget, this will definitely get the job done.

    Final words

    Nothing to particularly shout about but the good point is there’s no negatives about the bike.

    There’s no reasons why I wouldn’t recommend this for someone who was on a budget.

    Because any bikes are expensive they’re not getting any cheaper, but the plus side is I think the specs getting better for the money, low components and batteries and everything are getting more expensive.

    All the time, these manufacturers seem to be making better and better bikes for the money, you are getting a lot of stuff because you could easily spend 500 on a mountain bike 500 on a battery, and then the rest of the sub screen controller,etc. It’s not bad. It’s not bad at all.

    Don’t forget to check out the video description for the product links to this bike maybe some discount codes in there to get a little bit more money off of this. It’s currently on sale at the moment but check out the links.

    Not only the SAMEBIKE MY275 mountain electric bike, you can also find your best electric bike on SAMEBIKE.

    SAMEBIKE MY275-5

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