SAMEBIKE LO26 assembly video

Step 1: Install handlebar and adjust seat tube
①Use tools to loosen screws from fasteners.
②Adjusting the position of handlebar.
③Fastening the handlebar.
④Tighten the screws.
⑤Push the saddle down.
⑥Open the folder of the seat tube.
⑦Adjust and rotate the seat.
⑧Finally, Lock the folder.

Step 2: Front wheel installation
①Fixed well front fork.
②The front fork is aligned to both ends of the bearing. Release and nut, then the disc brake is on the left.
③Install the quick tighten well.
④After tightening, break the wrench upward and check the operation of the wheel.

Step 3: Installation of the fenders and headlight
①Take out the front and rear fender.
②Fixed the front fender and headlight on the front fork screw hole.
③Tighten the screws to position the front fender and headlight.
④Place the rear fender at the seat post clip.
⑤Put the screw in the seat post clip.
⑥Install the quick release and nut, then tighten well.

Step 4: Battery installation and removal
①Open the folder and loosen it, put the battery in.
②Insert the key to battery lock.

Step 5: Seat installation
①Loosen the quick release lever according to the direction.
②Insert the seat tube in the direction.
③After adjusting the seat direction and height, lock the quick release lever.
④Complete the seat installation.

Step 6: Pedals installation
①This bike provides convenient La Check the L and R marks on pedals.
②Take wrench from toolbox.
③“R” means it should be installed in the right side, “L” means it should be installed in left side.
Tighten the nut counterclockwise.


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