SAMEBIKE MY275 Mountain Electric Bike installation video

There are six steps when doing the SAMEBIKE MY275 Mountain Electric Bike installation:

Step 1: Adjust handlebar and stem
①Loosen the screw, the stem will be 180°to adjust the direction, and then remove 4 screws.
②Install the handlebar to adjust the direction and tighten 4 screws to fix the handlebar.

Step 2: Front wheel installation
①Put the headlights and the front fender into the screws and tighten them.
②Prepare the front tires and reverse the bike for easy installation.
③Install the side with the e-bike disc into the direction with the disc brake, put the quick release handle into the tire and tighten the spring and nut to the screw.
④After screwing to a certain strength, fasten the quick release handle in the direction of the arrow and lock the quick release handle to complete the front wheel installation.

Step 3: Headlight and front fender installation
①Take out the front and rear fender.
②Loosen the set screw counterclockwise.
③Put in and tighten the headlight and front fender respectively.
④Install the headlights and front fender.
⑤Put the rear fender in and tighten it counterclockwise.
⑥Installed rear fender.

Step 4: Battery installation and removal
①Turn the key clockwise to unlock the battery lock.
②Remove the battery upwards.
③Remove the battery

Step 5: Seat installation
①Loosen the quick release lever according to the direction.
②Insert the seat tube in the direction.
③After adjusting the seat direction and height, lock the quick release lever.
④Complete the seat installation.

Step 6: Pedals installation
①Prepare to pedal left and right.
②The pedal “R” is installed on one side of the chagrining, and “L” is opposite to the chagrining.
③Tighten the right pedal “R” clockwise.
Tighten the left pedal “L” counterclockwise.


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