Top 10 best mountain bike for cyclists can buy right now

Top 10 best mountain bike for cyclists can buy right now

According to the impact stroke can be broadly divided into four categories.

Let’s Explore the top 10 best mountain bike for cyclists can buy right now.

With the growing popularity of cycling, more and more people are buying their best mountain bike.

It goes without saying that the benefits of cycling are not only exercise, but also the ability to release stress, enjoy the scenery and even make friends.

Whether you just want to buy one for commuting, riding for fun on weekends, or really go off-road in the mountains to improve your riding skills and explore the outdoors, mountain bikes are great for that!

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    Best list of the top 10 best mountain bike for cyclists can buy

    Here’s the best list of the top 10 best mountain bike for cyclists can buy in 2023:

    • Specialized Epic Hardtail
    • Giant XTC ADVANCED SL 29 1
    • CUBE Reaction C:62 PRO
    • SCOTT SCALE940
    • Decathlon ROCKRIDER XC900
    • Commencal META HT AM 27.5
    • MARIN San Quentin 3
    • XDS MT5

    What are the classifications of mountain bikes?

    According to the impact stroke can be broadly divided into: Cross Country, Trail, All Mountain, Down Hill four categories.

    The so-called impact travel refers to the range of distance that the impact fork contracts during the damping process.

    From the appearance of the fork, it is composed of the outer tube and the inner tube.

    In the process of damping, the inner tube will shrink into the outer tube to achieve the effect of damping, and the impact stroke is actually the size of this inner tube that can shrink into the outer tube.

    XC(Cross Country)

    Cross Country, with strong climbing performance, used for general mountain cross country, is also the lightest and most practical model of mountain bike.

    With more pursuit of lightweight and high-speed passability, the new models are mostly 29 inch large wheel diameter, mostly hard frame.

    Cross Country


    The riding routes are mostly forest trails, hence the name, and focus on the smoothness of the ride, mostly full shock absorbers.


    AM (All Moutain)

    As the name suggests, the vehicle has average performance and is capable of climbing or descending continuously, but neither is specialized, making it the best choice for those who want to own one to ride multiple terrains or for long cross-country trips.

    All Moutain

    DH(Down Hill)

    Focus on downhill and big drops, mostly with doubleshoulder forks, high frame strength, the whole weight of the bike is more than 17KG.

    There’s a lot of pressure.

    Down Hill

    Buying guide of the best mountain bike

    Mountain bike brand

    When choosing the best mountain bike, a good brand is a guarantee of quality.

    Newcomers to mountain biking are prone to hesitate on forks, brakes and gear shifting kits on these configurations, and mountain bikes of big brands will not make a move on these details, and the quality is more reliable.


    If you mainly drive on paved urban roads and occasionally ride in the far suburbs, then you can choose a lighter and more efficient XC bike.

    And if you want to explore the forest, mountain trails and other rugged and changing road conditions, it is recommended to choose the best mountain bike with a forest road bike/AM bike with better off-road capabilities.

    Trek Rail E-Mountain Bike-1


    The lighter the mountain bike, the less effort it takes to ride, especially when go through the cycling climbing hills.

    Even if it is carrying a bike upstairs or over the bridge, you can feel the benefits of light weight.


    Choosing the best mountain bike is certainly not to say that the more expensive the better, but according to their own budget and needs to decide.

    Beginner that choose the best mountain bike can compare more configurations to see which parameters they care more about, according to the needs of the purchase is the hard truth!

    Offline stores and after-sales service

    Mountain bikes are inevitably bumpy and require occasional maintenance.

    It is recommended that you use map software on your phone to find out if there is a mountain bike brand offline store in your city before choosing your best mountain bike, so that you can use it in the future.

    Top 10 best mountain bike for cyclists can buy in 2023

    Specialized Epic Hardtail

    The new Epic Hardtail is lighter, more comfortable, more agile and more stable than its predecessor, and its geometry is more modern, longer and lower.

    Longer Reach, shorter stem length, and shorter offset forks maintain handling agility and high-speed stability.

    Specialized Epic Hardtail-1

    Frame Aluminum
    Brake SRAM Level T hydraulic disc
    Drivetrain SRAM NX Eagle
    Reference Price $2500

    Specialized’s R&D team fine-tuned the shape of each carbon layer to eliminate unnecessary overlapping carbon stacks.

    And it used new carbon fiber bike frame materials and more complex stacks in key areas such as the head tube and five-way, to reduce weight while maintaining strength.

    Specialized Epic Hardtail-2


    TREK PROCALIBER is a very unique XC hardtail model with a unique frame design that gives PROCALIBER a completely different hardtail riding experience.

    TREK’s exclusive IsoSpeed disconnector design gives the PROCALIBER a performance unlike any other in its class.

    While the hardtail offers excellent pedaling efficiency, it also improves vertical compliance, eliminates bumps, and greatly improves comfort and handling.


    Frame OCLV mountain carbon fiber
    Brake Shimano MT200 hydraulic disc
    Drivetrain Shimano Deore 1x12
    Weight 11.88 kg / 26.21 lbs
    Reference Price $2226

    TREK’s exclusive Knock Block technology is also present in the Procaliber’s design, which protects the bike by limiting the maximum turning radius through a unique design.


    Giant XTC ADVANCED SL 29 1

    The Giant XTC ADVANCED 1 is a very impressive overall package, and the Giant XTC ADVANCED series is Giant’s long-standing line of mountain bikes that have always had unique features.

    If you put aside the $1,000-plus budget limit, the Giant XTC ADVANCED series of mid- to high-end racing products are still available.

    They are with 29er wheel sizes, modern geometry and superb frame manufacturing techniques, the Giant XTC ADVANCED SL 29 1 has it all.

    Giant XTC ADVANCED SL 29 1-2

    Frame Advanced SL-grade composite 12x148mm thru-axle
    Brake Shimano Deore XT
    Drivetrain Shimano Deore XT
    Reference Price $5200

    Back to the 27.5 Giant XTC ADVANCED 1, this is its main mass sports direction of the model.

    However, it also has race genes in it, such as its geometry: the head tube angle is lowered to 69.5° (S size), the seat tube angle is more upright at 73.5°.

    And the rear wheelbase is 425mm, so although the setup is not the most aggressive XC setup on the market, it still maintains the efficiency that an XC hardtail mountain bike should have.

    Giant XTC ADVANCED SL 29 1-1

    CUBE Reaction C:62 PRO

    With very high cost performance, CUBE is nicknamed the “European Giant”.

    Its XC model Reactio series is divided into Reaction HPA aluminum version and Reaction C:62 carbon fiber version.

    The CUBE REACTION is also very well equipped, with Shimano Deore brakes and RockShox Judy forks as standard features for entry-level mountain bikes.

    CUBE Reaction C62 PRO-2

    Frame C:62 carbon fiber
    Brake Shimano XT BR-M8100
    Drivetrain Shimano Deore SL-M6100-IR
    Reference Price $2254

    It is worth mentioning that the CUBE REACTION RACE comes with a complete GX Eagle kit.

    It is rare to see this level of kit used at this price point.

    CUBE Reaction C62 PRO-1


    The CALE is SCOTT’s XC hardtail model with the second generation SDS2 shock absorber body structure.

    The lightweight body has strong climbing performance and high-speed passability, making it the lightest and most agile of SCOTT’s mountain bikes.

    SCOTT uses the characteristic Evolap stack analysis technology on SCALE, using specific tools to map the stress state corresponding to the carbon fiber stack and distribution, helping engineers make the SCALE frame into a perfect balance of lightness and rigidity.

    SCOTT SCALE940-1

    Frame Carbon fiber
    Brake Shimano MT200 Disc
    Drivetrain SRAM SX Eagle Trigger
    Weight 12.40KG
    Reference Price $2300

    In order to achieve good comfort, SCAL E applies the second generation SDS2 shock wave absorption system.

    Engineers strategically adjust the carbon fiber material to provide flexibility in specific body parts in combination with different shaped tubing, providing comfort while avoiding unnecessary deformation in other parts that could affect performance.

    No special weight on the body parts, no sacrifice of body stiffness, sitting riding or standing pumping the car can feel real comfort.

    SCOTT SCALE940-2

    Decathlon ROCKRIDER XC900

    In recent years, Decathlon has gradually made efforts in the field of mountain bikes, launching the ROCKRIDER brand and a series of cost-effective products, including the XC900 model.

    XC900 is ROCKRIDER’s XC model designed for cross-country racing.

    Each layer of carbon cloth stacking has been carefully planned and arranged, just to bring you efficient transmission and a comfortable experience.

    Decathlon ROCKRIDER XC900-2

    Frame Carbon fiber
    Brake SRAM Level T Hydraulic Disc
    Drivetrain Latest SRAM GX Eagle
    Reference Price $2499

    With rich design experience and scientific analysis, the XC900 carbon fabric stack is precisely planned.

    The high rigidity five-way gives you efficient pedaling feedback, and the light and tough frame structure gives you a comfortable off-road experience.

    Decathlon ROCKRIDER XC900-1


    COMPETITOR RACE SRAM SX 12S, a UCC mountain bike competition model, using the classic Competitor frame, the same frame geometry design as the Asian Games champion!

    The whole bike is mainly for the competitive entry market.

    UCC RACE-2

    Frame Carbon fiber
    Brake ① SHIMANO MTA10 (15 inches) ② SRAMLEVELT (17、19inches)
    Drivetrain SRAM EAGLE
    Weight 20kg
    Reference Price $1352

    COMPETITOR RACE SRAM SX 12S frame using SLC carbon fiber, a unique optimized compression, low void carbon fiber manufacturing process, all using Toray carbon yarn as raw materials to build, to ensure the excellent quality of the frame.

    UCC RACE-1

    Commencal META HT AM 27.5

    Commencal, a well-known brand, has also thoughtfully introduced an entry-level forest road hardtail, the META HT AM27.5, to meet the needs of its fans and entry-level riders.

    Commencal MATA HT AM 27.5-1

    Frame Aluminium
    Brake SRAM Level
    Drivetrain SRAM SX Eagle
    Reference Price $1339

    Commencal MATA HT AM 27.5-2

    MARIN San Quentin 3

    The 130mm fork and extra lift seatpost mean the San Quentin is suitable for a wide range of trail riders of all styles.

    MARIN San Quentin-2

    Frame Aluminium
    Brake Shimano MT420, 4-Piston Hydraulic Disc
    Drivetrain Shimano SLX
    Reference Price $2000

    With the 11-speed 11-46T flywheel, the San Quentin will allow you to navigate the woods with ease, and the 780MM wide, 15MM raised handlebars are a powerful weapon for tackling the many tight turns.

    MARIN San Quentin-1

    XDS MT5

    At a price point of less than $3,000, the MT5 has won the hearts of many riders with its beautiful paint color and excellent cost performance.

    XDS MT5-2

    Frame Carbon fiber
    Brake MAGURA 1 finger hydrulic disc
    Drivetrain SRAM EC AXS
    Weight 12 kg
    Reference Price $2677

    The bike uses Branta, a component sub-brand developed by Xiderson, carbon fiber wheelset and handlebar.

    In terms of braking, the MT5 uses MAGURA F-FOUR brakes.

    XDS MT5-1


    Aboved are the top 10 best mountain bike for cyclists can buy right now, What other best mountain bike do you recommend?

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