Top 5 super fat tire electric bike for cyclists can buy right now

Top 5 super fat tire electric bike for cyclists can buy right now.

This article conclude the top 5 super fat tire electric bike for cyclists can buy right now.

Nowadays, the development of fat tire electric bike is becoming more and more mature, and many details of the technical problems have been better solved.

The geometry of the frame has also been improved, and the handling of the ride is better. The new model also makes a lot of efforts to reduce weight.

On the snowy roads of some North American towns, fat tire electric bikes are the newest off-road tools.

Bike shops can often see the figure of fat tire electric bike, such an atmosphere has attracted more and more riders to join them.

In fact, for ordinary people, even if they ride fat tires on the urban road surface, they can achieve good fitness effects, consume more energy in a shorter time, and exercise bikes have become a new round of publicity.

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    Top 5 super fat tire electric bike for cyclists can buy in 2023

    Here are the top 5 super fat tire electric bike for cyclists can buy in 2023:

    • Tesgo Pioneer
    • Cyrusher Ranger
    • Magicycle Deer
    • Aventon Aventure.2
    • Ecotric Explorer

    Tesgo Pioneer - Step Thru

    Pioneer uses the carbon fiber frame which keeps the bike from being too heavy and gives it better damping and rigidity than aluminum-framed bikes.

    The water-resistant feature ensures your bike stays dry, while the hydraulic brakes provide excellent stopping power regardless of weather conditions.

    Tesgo Pioneer - Step Thru-1

    EST. $2,199
    Motor 1000W, 95N.m
    Top speed 31 MPH
    Range 35-60 MI
    Battery 48V/20AH/960Wh
    Max load 380 lbs

    The Pioneer gives you the ultimate riding experience. With the powerful 1000W rear motor, you can climb hills faster and gain speed quicker.

    Not only does this motor provide effortless riding on any terrain, but it also allows for quick acceleration, making it ideal for thrill-seekers and outdoor enthusiasts.

    The batteries have 20AH which provide enough capacity to face whatever round trips. The detachable design for battery makes charging simple.

    Designed for adventure, this fat tire e-bike features sturdy front and rear racks and is ready for any terrain thanks to its 26″ fat tires which provide excellent traction and stability.

    Cyclists can enjoy the unmatched power and speed of the Tesgo Pioneer e-bike and conquer any terrain with ease.

    Tesgo Pioneer - Step Thru-2

    Cyrusher Ranger

    With its 1200W peak power and 80N.m max torque, the powerful Bafang motor allows you to run at high speeds and, in assisted mode, cruise with little to no effort. Bafang is one of the top 10 e-bike conversion kits brands in the world.

    Powered by a 52V, 20AH lithium-ion battery that lasts up to 56 miles on a full charge, the Cyrusher Ranger is capable of going wherever your adventures take you.

    Recharge the battery on the bike or take it out and recharge it separately at your convenience.

    Cyrusher Ranger-1

    EST. $2,799
    Motor 750W
    Range 90 KM(56 MI)
    Battery 52V/20AH
    Max load 330 lbs(150kg)

    The smart color LCD screen gives you all the information you need with the push of 3 buttons.

    Its easy programming along with the mechanical pedaling system allows you to fully customize your speed options and other safety settings.

    A bright 250 lumen LED front lamp helps you to see your way clearly even in bad weather and also to be heard, increasing safety.

    Mountain-style fat tires provide better grip, even in sand or snow, as well as giving it a look that turns heads.

    With 9 gears and 5 pedal assist levels to choose from, you can always find a comfortable pedaling cadence to match your speed.

    Cyrusher Ranger-2

    Magicycle Deer

    Inspired by SUV Deer e-bike SUV combines elements of commuter e-bike with features from off-road e-bikes and full-suspension e-bikes.

    It is designed for every path, every terrain. Deer’s rear suspension adopts a hydraulic damper, which absorbs the bumps while riding on beaches, gravel roads, or forest trails.

    This is a great fit for recreational riders who love to ride on mixed terrain.

    Magicycle Deer-1

    EST. $2,499
    Motor 750-1100W/96 N.m
    Top speed 28 MPH
    Range 80+ MI
    Battery 52V/20AH
    Max load 400 lbs

    The bike frame materials of Deer is aerospace aluminum alloy, which is more sturdy and durable.

    With the electronic control system created by Magicycle engineers who have 16 years of manufacturing experience, Deer is capable of providing smooth rides.

    The 750W powerful motor can reach a peak power of 1100W and torque of 96 Nm. This is where the incredible hill-climbing capability comes from.

    The color display on Deer provides a customizable user experience. You can program speed limits, the power delivery of different levels of PAS, slow start, and more to meet your own needs and ride smarter.

    The tires of Deer are made of strong and solid materials to ensure a robust defense against sharp objects on the road, leading to puncture-free, smooth, and safe bike rides.

    Magicycle Deer-2

    Aventon Aventure.2

    The Aventon Aventure.2 torque sensor has intuitive technology that amplifies your pedaling cadence, promoting a more natural riding experience.

    Switch between 4 levels of pedal assist and throttle to bring you more of what’s out there without breaking a sweat.

    Go beyond the average dirt road with 4” fat tires, a suspension fork, and a powerful motor that will cover ground over sand, rock, or snow with ease.

    Aventon Aventure.2-1

    EST. $1,799
    Motor 750W
    Top speed 28 MPH
    Range 60 MI
    Battery 48V/15AH/720Wh
    Max load 400 lbs

    An intuitive, color display shows your speed, battery charge, pedal assist level, distance traveled and more.

    In addition, it allows you to control your e-bike’s class rating and integrated lights. Sync to the Aventon app to share your trips with your friends.

    A suspension fork with up to 80mm of travel means there’s plenty of room for comfort off the beaten path.

    Pre-installed fenders will keep you protected on those rugged routes, in any weather, while an included rear rack means you can carry all that you need wherever the road takes you.

    The powerful 1130w (peak) rear hub motor with a 720Wh high-capacity integrated battery will take you to those far-to-reach places and discover more of what’s out there.

    Throttle on demand and four levels of pedal assist allow you to maximize your efforts and minimize the amount of energy you use.

    With a top speed of 28 MPH and up to 60 miles in range you can amplify your next adventure to reach those distant destinations.

    Aventon Aventure.2-2

    Ecotric Explorer

    Explorer electric bike provides a front and rear hydraulic disc brake system, for your travel to provide security, an all-aluminum alloy frame, lightweight and compact built, 26*4.0 Anti-skidding tire, adapts to snow, sand and other complex topography.

    And it has full Suspension adjustable air suspension fork equipped with rear rack, suspension seat and fenders, professional Shimano-7 speed shift gear, high-speed brushless 750W motor.

    Ecotric Explorer-1

    EST. $1,569
    Motor 750W
    Top speed 20-25 MPH
    Range 18.5-33 MI
    Battery 48V/13AH
    Max load 265 lbs

    Ecotric Explorer also provides strong power, 1000 cycles service life, hidden and removable large capacity battery, overcharge protection, let you ride more confident.

    Beach, snow, there are no road conditions that 26’’ fat tire bike can’t handle. Fat tires provide good grip and good shock absorption.

    With the triangular frame, the whole body is more stable. Not just the beach and snow road, it can also handle mountains and muddy roads very well.

    Not to mention riding on a regular road. The backflush front fork provides greater handling and better shock absorption.

    You will be the king of the ground after you have this e-bike.

    Ecotric Explorer-2


    Above are the best top 5 super fat tire electric bike for cyclists can buy right now, what other models do you recommend?

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