Top 10 electric bike manufacturers in California

Top 10 electric bike manufacturers in California

Electric bikes are zooming into the future, and California is leading the charge! With its sunny skies and bustling cities, the Golden State has embraced e-bikes as a fun, eco-friendly way to zip around town.

For businesses in the e-bike, this boom is more than just exciting – it’s an opportunity. But here’s the catch: not all e-bike manufacturers are created equal.

Finding a reliable partner is key to powering up your business and staying ahead of the curve.

Ready to discover who’s who in the e-bike industry? Buckle up, because we’re about to take you on a ride through California’s top electric bike makers that are revving up the market. Stay tuned; the journey ahead is electrifying!

This article concludes the top 10 electric bike manufacturers in California, let’s get more details about them!

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    Best-list of top 10 electric bike manufacturers in California in 2024

    The top 10 electric bike manufacturers in California includes:

    • Vintage Electric Bikes
    • Aventon
    • Ride1Up
    • Juiced Bikes
    • Himiway
    • Pedego Electric Bikes
    • Rad Power Bikes
    • Electric Bike Company
    • E-Lux Electric Bikes
    • Ancheer

    Vintage Electric Bikes

    Official website:

    Starting our list of top 10, we have Vintage Electric Bikes, where innovation meets vintage style. In 2013, founded with a passion for both speed and style, Vintage Electric emerged as a frontrunner in the e-bike industry by blending timeless design with cutting-edge technology.

    Imagine cruising down California’s coastlines or bustling city streets on bikes that are not just modes of transportation but pieces of art.

    Vintage Electric Bikes-1

    Their lineup, including the thrilling Roadster and the classic Cafe, offers something for every rider, boasting features like regenerative braking and powerful motors that push the limits of e-bike performance.

    Drawing inspiration from the golden age of motoring, Vintage Electric Bikes are more than just bicycles; they’re a statement. With each pedal, they invite you to join a revolution that looks back as it speeds forward, proving that innovation can indeed wear a vintage coat.

    Vintage Electric Bikes-2


    Official website:

    Next on our list is Aventon, one of the top 20 electric bike manufacturers in the world, merging speed, convenience, and affordability seamlessly. Aventon Bikes has been crafting best-in-class electric bikes since its establishment in 2013, focusing on innovation and quality to enhance the riding experience.

    Known for its sleek designs and robust performance, Aventon offers riders the perfect mix of speed, convenience, and affordability. Aventon’s lineup is a testament to its innovation, with stars like the Pace 500 and the Level Commuter Bike leading the charge.

    products of Aventon

    These bikes aren’t just fast; they’re designed for the modern rider’s ultimate convenience, featuring intuitive controls, seamless pedal assist, and durable frames that stand up to the rigors of daily use.

    What sets Aventon apart is its dedication to making e-biking accessible without skimping on performance or style.

    With Aventon, it’s not just about getting from A to B; it’s about the journey, the joy, and the jolt of excitement that comes with every ride.

    Aventon Level.2-1


    Official website:

    Coming up next is Ride1Up, dedicated to delivering high-quality at unbeatable prices. It started in 2018 with the mission to shatter the barrier between premium quality and affordability in the e-bike world.

    They’re not just selling bikes; they’re championing a movement towards sustainable, efficient, and enjoyable transportation.

    With a keen focus on craftsmanship, Ride1Up ensures each model, from the sleek Roadster to the rugged 700 Series, balances top-tier performance with consumer-friendly prices.

    Ride1Up Prodigy-2

    These standout models are engineered for the avid commuter, the weekend adventurer, and everyone in between, offering powerful motors, impressive battery life, and intuitive design.

    Ride1Up’s approach isn’t just about what’s on the surface. It’s about offering a gateway to a lifestyle where every ride is an adventure, every commuter is an explorer, and every city street or mountain trail is a path to discovery.

    Ready to change how you move? Ride1Up is the way forward.

    Ride1UP Prodigy XC off road-2

    Juiced Bikes

    Official website:

    Power up your ride with Juiced Bikes, where the thrill of high-speed electric biking meets groundbreaking innovation. It is also one of the top 10 electric bike manufacturers in USA.

    Juiced Bikes was founded by Tora Harris in 2009, initially known as Juiced Riders before the brand name changed as the company expanded its product line.

    They are recognized for combining high-quality components with affordability. Each model is engineered for the adrenaline seeker in you, boasting top-tier power that propels you faster and further.

    staff of Juiced Bikes

    Whether it’s the sleek city commuter models or rugged, all-terrain beasts, Juiced Bikes prioritizes your need for speed without compromising on safety or comfort.

    Imagine breezing through your daily commute or tackling steep hills with ease, all while enjoying the latest in e-bike technology.

    Juiced Bikes isn’t just about getting you from point A to B; it’s about transforming your journey into an unforgettable adventure.

    product of Juiced Bikes


    Official website:

    Midway through, Himiway stands out with its robust fat tire electric bikes. Himiway Bikes was established in 2017, focusing on improving the range of e-bikes based on feedback from over 50,000 users.

    Their bikes are known for their long-range capabilities, often reaching 43% higher than other market offerings, with up to 60-80 miles on a single charge.

    Their bikes are designed to conquer any terrain, from city streets to rugged trails, ensuring a smooth and exhilarating ride every time.

    Himiway 2

    Himiway stands out for its commitment to quality and affordability, offering top-notch e-bikes without breaking the bank.

    Their lineup includes models that cater to every type of rider, emphasizing the joy of exploration and the freedom of the great outdoors.

    With robust frames, long-lasting batteries, and powerful motors, Himiway bikes are built to take you further. Exceptional customer service complements Himiway’s impressive product range.

    The company prides itself on providing responsive, helpful support to ensure every rider’s experience is nothing short of fantastic.

    Whether you’re a seasoned e-biker or just starting out, Himiway invites you to join a community where adventure knows no bounds.

    Himiway 1

    Pedego Electric Bikes

    Official website:

    Moving on, Pedego Electric Bikes showcases a diverse range of bikes with unparalleled customer service.

    Born from a simple yet powerful idea to create the very best electric bikes(best electric bikes 2024) for people of all walks of life, Pedego has grown into a beloved brand known for its wide array of models tailored to meet the needs and dreams of riders around the globe.


    From comfortable cruisers to versatile city bikes, and rugged off-roaders, Pedego ensures there’s an electric bike for every adventure. What truly sets Pedego apart is not just their commitment to quality and innovation but their unparalleled customer service.

    Each ride is backed by a friendly, knowledgeable team ready to help you find your perfect electric bike match.

    Experience the joy of riding with Pedego, where every journey is about more than just getting there – it’s about loving the ride.


    Rad Power Bikes

    Official website:

    Hop onto the revolution with Rad Power Bikes, a company that’s redefining the e-bike landscape with its innovative design philosophy and commitment to affordability.

    As one of the top 20 road bike brands in the world, Rad Power Bikes has carved a niche for itself by offering a wide array of electric bicycles that cater to every type of rider, from the urban commuter to the off-road adventurer.

    Rad Power Bikes RadCity 5 ST-2

    Their design philosophy centers around creating versatile, durable e-bikes that provide exceptional value without breaking the bank.

    This approach has not only made e-bikes more accessible to a broader audience but has also significantly impacted the market by pushing the boundaries of what riders expect from their e-bikes.

    With models designed to enhance the riding experience for anyone, anywhere, Rad Power Bikes is truly democratizing the world of electric bicycles, making it easier and more affordable for everyone to enjoy the benefits of powered cycling.


    Electric Bike Company

    Official website:

    Approaching the end, Electric Bike Company customizes your ride with premium components. This brand stands out for its commitment to letting riders have a say in the creation of their bikes.

    From choosing colors to selecting accessories, the company offers a unique opportunity to design your dream e-bike, tailored exactly to your preferences and lifestyle.

    Electric Bike Company 2

    Coupled with a focus on using only premium components for durability and performance, Electric Bike Company ensures that quality is never compromised.

    Their customer-centric service further enhances the buying experience, making every customer feel valued and supported throughout their electric biking journey.

    Electric Bike Company 1

    E-Lux Electric Bikes

    Official website:

    Penultimate on our list is E-Lux Electric Bikes, where luxury meets comfort in electric biking.

    E-Lux is dedicated to crafting electric bicycles that don’t just move you, but do so with unmatched comfort and elegance.

    E Lux Electric Bikes 2

    Their bikes are engineered with attention to detail, featuring plush seats, intuitive controls, and frames designed for easy mounting and dismounting.

    The heart of each bike, the battery, is sourced from top-tier manufacturers, ensuring reliability and a long-life span.

    Plus, E-Lux’s commitment to customer satisfaction shines through their responsive support team, ready to assist with any inquiries or service needs. With E-Lux, every ride is a step into a world where luxury and electric mobility converge.

    E Lux Electric Bikes 1


    Official website:

    Last but not least, Ancheer brings versatile and affordable e-biking options to the forefront.

    Known for blending quality with value, Ancheer has quickly become a go-to for biking enthusiasts across California and beyond.

    Ancheer 2

    Whether you’re navigating the urban sprawl or exploring rugged trails, Ancheer’s e-bikes are designed to enhance your ride without emptying your wallet.

    Their diverse lineup caters to a wide range of riders, proving that you don’t have to compromise on performance for price.

    With a strong market presence and a growing customer base in the sunny state of California, Ancheer is powering a new era of eco-friendly transportation.

    Ancheer 1


    These are the top 10 electric bike manufacturers in California.

    In navigating the electrifying terrain of the e-bike market, selecting a reliable manufacturer isn’t just a choice – it’s a cornerstone for business success.

    This journey through California’s top e-bike makers has illuminated the path with companies that stand out for their innovation, quality, and customer dedication.

    As we pedal forward, the opportunity to explore partnerships or expand your offerings with these trailblazers could set the wheels of your business in motion towards a sustainable, profitable future.

    Don’t let this ride end here. Reach out to these manufacturers for business inquiries, dive into their product lines, and explore potential collaborations.

    Energize your offerings and pedal towards success with a partner that’s as driven as you are.

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