Top 10 electric bike manufacturers in Oregon

Top 10 electric bike manufacturers in Oregon

Electric bikes, or e-bikes, are steering us toward greener, cleaner transportation options, combining convenience with a commitment to sustainability.

Oregon, with its lush landscapes and eco-conscious cities, is at the forefront of this shift, housing some of the most innovative e-bike manufacturers in the U.S.(top 10 electric bike manufacturers in USA)

Today, we’ll be shedding light on the rich opportunities and advantages these local manufacturers offer to businesses.

As we pedal into the details, let’s gear up to uncover how these trailblazers are not only shaping the future of travel but also offering businesses the chance to ride the wave of sustainable success.

This article concludes the top 10 electric bike manufacturers in Oregon, let’s get more details about them!

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    Best-list of top 10 electric bike manufacturers in Oregon in 2024

    The top 10 electric bike manufacturers in Oregon includes:

    • Rad Power Bikes
    • Ashland Electric Bikes
    • The eBike Store (Portland, OR)
    • Oregon E-Bikes
    • Bend Electric Bikes
    • Pedego Electric Bikes (Portland, OR)
    • Clever Cycles (Portland, OR)
    • Let it Ride (Bend, OR)
    • River City Bicycles (Portland, OR)
    • Corvallis Electric Bicycles (Corvallis, OR)

    Rad Power Bikes

    Official website:

    Rad Power Bikes has established itself as a pivotal player in the e-bike market, particularly in the United States.

    The company’s commitment to making e-bikes more accessible and affordable for everyone has played a significant role in its popularity.

    Rad Power Bikes has been recognized for its influence and innovation, even making it to Time’s list of the TIME100 Most Influential Companies.

    Rad Power -2

    Rad Power Bikes offers a wide array of e-bike models designed to cater to different needs, including city commuting, cargo hauling, and off-road adventures.

    Their product lineup is known for blending functionality with affordability, making e-bikes a viable option for a broader audience.

    Affordability: In a move to make their e-bikes even more accessible, Rad Power Bikes announced price reductions across their entire lineup for 2024, reflecting their commitment to affordability without compromising quality.

    Innovation: The launch of models like the RadRunner 3 Plus and the introduction of new cargo accessories highlight the brand’s focus on versatility and customization.

    Safety and Support: Rad Power Bikes prioritizes rider safety and satisfaction, offering comprehensive insurance partnerships and a wide range of support services to ensure a reliable riding experience.

    Rad Power Bikes RadCity 5 ST-2

    Ashland Electric Bikes

    Official website:

    Ashland Electric Bikes stands out as Southern Oregon and Northern California’s premier destination for high-quality electric bicycles.

    Celebrating 15 years in business, this establishment prides itself on offering electric-assisted bikes that blend robust design, efficient motors, and the latest technology to deliver maximum value.

    The company’s lineup includes a wide array of e-bikes from top brands like Bulls, Electric Bike Company, Montague, Niner, Pegasus, SmartMotion, Surface604, Tern, and Revi, ensuring a fit for every rider’s needs.

    Ashland Electric Bikes 2

    Expertise and Selection: With years of experience and a focus on durable, high-performance systems, Ashland Electric Bikes selects models that thrive in the challenging terrains of the Siskiyou Mountains region, guaranteeing reliability “where the rubber meets the road.”

    Exclusive Regional Dealer: Being the exclusive dealer for several high-quality e-bike brands in the region, they offer unique models that are tailored to the specific demands of their customers.

    Ashland Electric Bikes 1

    The eBike Store (Portland, OR)

    Official website:

    The eBike Store in Portland stands as the city’s pioneering all-electric bike shop, having opened its doors in 2009.

    Founded by Wake Gregg, the store has dedicated itself exclusively to electric bicycles, offering a comprehensive selection from various top brands.

    They offer an extensive selection of electric bikes, including models suitable for various activities such as commuting, hybrid use, city and recreational riding, mountain biking, and road cycling.

    The eBike Store 2

    Specialization: Their exclusive focus on e-bikes since 2008 has made them experts in the field, providing customers with knowledgeable guidance and support.

    Guided test rides: The store offers scheduled consultations with eBike experts, ensuring that customers can find the perfect bike for their requirements and enjoy a tailored, safe cycling experience.

    The eBike Store 1

    Oregon E-Bikes

    Official website:

    Located in the scenic Hood River, Oregon E-Bikes is a leading retailer specializing in electric bikes and rentals.

    They’re known for offering a vast selection of e-bikes, catering to various riding styles and preferences.

    With a focus on enhancing the cycling experience, Oregon E-Bikes positions itself as a hub for both local cyclists and visitors seeking to explore the area on two wheels.

    Oregon E Bikes 2

    The store features a diverse lineup of e-bikes, including cruisers, commuters, cargo, mountain, and folding bikes.

    Custom Riese & Müller options: They offer special promotions such as free air freight for custom Riese & Müller orders, adding value for customers looking for tailored e-bike solutions.

    Financial flexibility: With various financing options, including interest-free and layaway plans, Oregon E-Bikes makes it easier for riders to invest in their dream bike.

    Ride happy academy: The store provides educational resources to help customers keep their e-bikes in excellent condition, ensuring a long-lasting and enjoyable riding experience.

    Oregon E Bikes 1

    Bend Electric Bikes

    Official website:

    Bend Electric Bikes, established in 2008, has been a local e-bike expert in Bend, Oregon, for over a decade. The company has built a reputation for offering high-quality electric bikes, cargo bikes, and other electric urban mobility modes of transport.

    With a mission to get more people on bikes, Bend Electric Bikes serves as a community hub for those seeking reliable electric bikes for everyday use.

    Their range includes electric bikes suited for various activities such as cargo, city and recreation, cruisers, speed, and mountain and adventure biking.

    Bend Electric Bikes 2

    This wide selection ensures customers find the right bike to meet their needs, whether for commuting, recreation, or adventure.

    Expertise: As certified Bosch bike mechanics with certifications for Shimano, Enviolo, and Specialized, their service technicians are equipped to handle all service needs.

    Community focus: Bend Electric Bikes emphasizes creating a welcoming, inclusive atmosphere, especially for those new to biking, and offers community activities to encourage ridership.

    Bend Electric Bikes 1

    Pedego Electric Bikes (Portland, OR)

    Official website:

    Pedego Portland is a dedicated electric bike shop that offers a wide range of sales, rentals, accessories, and services for electric bikes.

    It’s part of the larger Pedego chain, known for its quality electric bikes designed with comfort and performance in mind.

    The Portland store prides itself on being a local hub for e-bike enthusiasts, providing a supportive community for both new and experienced riders.


    Pedego’s lineup includes various models such as cruisers, low-step, adventure, city, and specialty electric bikes. Some standout models include the Comfort Cruiser, the original Pedego bike known for its style and comfort, and the Interceptor series, which combines cruiser comfort with impressive performance.

    The Boomerang model offers an ultra-low step-thru frame for easy access, and the City Commuter series caters to urban riders with its practical features and premium upgrades.

    Diverse selection: Pedego offers electric bikes for nearly every type of rider, from beach cruisers to mountain bikes and even cargo bikes.

    Exceptional warranty: Pedego stands out with a 5-year warranty, surpassing the industry standard and emphasizing their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.


    Clever Cycles (Portland, OR)

    Official website:

    Clever Cycles in Portland stands out as a pioneering bicycle shop that champions bicycles as primary transportation.

    Opening its doors in 2007, it has aimed to make Portland an even better place to live, slow down, and ride every day.

    Recognized in 2012 as the Best Urban Bike Shop in the United States, Clever Cycles focuses on practical, stylish bikes for everyday use, reflecting a deep commitment to enhancing urban mobility.

    The store offers an extensive range of electric bikes, including models from leading brands like Brompton, Gazelle, Gocycle, Linus, Pfautec, Tern Bicycles, Urban Arrow, and Yuba.

    Clever Cycles 2

    These brands are well-known for their folding, cargo, city, and innovative electric bikes, catering to a wide variety of urban cycling needs.

    Specialization in urban transportation: Clever Cycles specializes in bikes designed for urban living, offering solutions for carrying children, groceries, and navigating city streets with ease.

    Quality and innovation: By stocking bikes that blend style, comfort, and eco-consciousness, Clever Cycles ensures riders enjoy a forward-thinking cycling experience.

    Extensive accessories and parts: Beyond bikes, they offer a wide array of accessories and parts, including those for cargo and folding bikes, ensuring a one-stop-shop for all biking needs.

    Clever Cycles 1

    Let it Ride (Bend, OR)

    Official website:

    Let it Ride in Bend, Oregon, is known for its engaging electric bike tours and rentals that allow locals and visitors alike to explore the beauty and charm of Bend and its surroundings.

    Offering a variety of e-bike experiences, Let it Ride emphasizes the joy, freedom, and fun of e-biking, making it a preferred choice for those looking to discover Bend in a unique and exhilarating way.

    Let it Ride 2

    Let it Ride provides a range of e-bike tours and rentals(how to find the electric bike rentals near me):

    Short and sweet tour: A 1.5-hour tour designed for those wanting a quick yet fun exploration.

    Deschutes river tour: A 2-hour journey along the Deschutes River, combining scenic views with historic storytelling.

    Taste of bend tour: A 2-hour tasting experience visiting some of Bend’s best breweries, cider houses, wine tasting rooms, or even a kombucha brewery.

    Customized experiences: Tailoring tours to meet the preferences of their clients, including non-beer options in their tasting tour.

    Diverse options: Offering something for everyone, from leisurely rides to culinary explorations.

    Quality bikes: Proudly riding Pedego Electric Bikes, known for their comfort and ease of use.

    Let it Ride 1

    River City Bicycles (Portland, OR)

    Official website:

    River City Bicycles, nestled in Portland, Oregon, has established itself as a premier destination for cycling enthusiasts since 1995.

    Their dedication to the cycling community is evident through their wide selection of bikes and cycling gear, tailored to meet the needs of riders of all levels and interests.

    Their commitment is further underscored by their all-in approach to e-bikes, offering a carefully-curated range of quality brands.

    River City Bicycles 2

    The store features an extensive array of bikes, including mountain, gravel, cyclocross, electric, commuter/urban, comfort, hybrid, and kids’ bikes.

    Their electric bike selection is particularly notable, boasting models from top brands like Specialized, Scott, Santa Cruz, Cannondale, and BMC.

    This variety ensures riders can find the perfect bike for their specific riding style and requirements.

    Wide range of bikes: From cutting-edge electric bikes to traditional road and mountain bikes, River City Bicycles caters to all riders.

    Expertise: The store’s staff are experienced riders themselves, offering insights and advice to help customers find their ideal bike.

    Community involvement: River City Bicycles is deeply involved in the local cycling community, providing resources and organizing rides and events.

    River City Bicycles 1

    Corvallis Electric Bicycles (Corvallis, OR)

    Official website:

    Corvallis Electric Bicycles is a family-owned business established in the summer of 2018 with a mission to enhance the biking experience in Corvallis.

    Their focus is on providing electric-assist bicycles that blend the efficiency of cycling with the convenience of electric power, making biking enjoyable and accessible for more people.

    They believe in the transformative power of bicycles for transportation, utility, exercise, exploration, and fun.
    The store offers a variety of electric bikes from brands such as Aventon, Benno, Diamondback, IZIP, Linus, and others, known for their comfortable and upright riding positions.

    Corvallis Electric Bicycles 2

    They also provide services for assembling Rad bikes ordered online and can assist in acquiring non-electric bikes from the brands they carry.

    Diverse e-bike selection: A broad range of e-bikes that cater to different needs, from commuting to exploring.

    Expertise in e-bikes: With years of experience and certifications from Shimano and Bosch, they offer professional service and repairs.

    Try before you buy: They offer rentals by the hour and free demo rides to ensure customers find the perfect fit.

    Corvallis Electric Bicycles 1


    These are the top 10 electric bike manufacturers in Oregon.

    Oregon’s e-bike manufacturers showcase innovation and sustainability, offering vast opportunities for businesses in the e-mobility sector.

    From Rad Power Bikes’ affordability to Corvallis Electric Bicycles’ personalized service, these leaders are driving the green transportation revolution.

    Their strategic advantages present a lucrative avenue for collaboration, enhancing product lines and tapping into the growing demand for eco-friendly transport solutions.

    For businesses ready to ride the wave of sustainable mobility, exploring partnerships with Oregon’s e-bike manufacturers could be the next big step. Discover more about these trailblazers on our website – SAMEBIKE electric bike company.

    SAMEBIKE SY26 ebike-1

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