E-bike rental prevails in Europe – attracting major brands to in

E-bike rental prevails in Europe - attracting major brands to in.

The economy of individual short-distance travel has created a huge incremental market. Electric+travel has become the most fashionable way to travel.

In the market choice, e-bikes have become the most representative of short-distance travel tools, and triggered the electrification of the reform of the market boom.

And also let electric cargo bikes, electric motorcycles, and other markets accelerate the development of the market, to promote the sales of e-bikes and the growth and spread of cycling culture. You can also check the best e-cargo bike and top 9 budget electric motor bike for reference.

So far, the wave has subsided, but the inventory piled up during the period of great growth will not be eliminated as the wave fades away.

Under the pressure of slow growth in vehicle sales, brands are beginning to explore new market routes, and medium- and long-term leasing, which is different from sharing, has become a new market strategy recognized by some brands.

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    The popularity of e-bike rental attracts brands to jump on board

    Recently, more and more bike brands have been spread to start cooperating with rental platforms, adding their e-bikes to the rental platform.

    British e-bike brand Estarli has joined Blike’s rental platform, placing four of its bikes on the Blike platform.

    Consumers pay a monthly fee for bike rental, including insurance and maintenance services, and Blike provides customers with professional bike assembly and tuning, and has established a partnership with London bike repair companies Fettle and Fix Your Cycle, as well as a network of local bike shops.

    BikeFlex has partnered with London bike repair companies Fettle and Fix Your Cycle, as well as a network of local bike stores.

    BikeFlex has announced a partnership with car rental provider Arval UK for the UK market, offering business vehicle rental options for e-bikes, eCargo bikes, cars and commercial vehicles, providing businesses with a multi-vehicle mobility solution to optimize their fleet.

    The popularity of e-bike rental attracts brands to jump on board

    Pon Holdings and Volkswagen Financial Services have entered into a partnership to offer e-bikes to corporate employees or business customers in the United States and Europe.

    E-bike brand Peddle has announced a partnership with bike rental company BikeFlex, in addition to e-bike brands such as Reilly, Orro, Basso, BH, KTM, and Cooper, which are all joining BikeFlex.

    According to Pon Holdings, the potential of the European business bike rental market is expected to reach $10.7 billion by 2028.

    The rental market, with its huge potential, has attracted a large number of brands to join the industry and has energized the industry and explored a number of new development models.

    Two-wheeler market widens new channels

    The rise of the sharing economy, carbon neutral, green environmental protection concept of advocacy, so that the two-wheeler rental industry also rose in the international arena.

    Some European countries in the new energy leasing industry to carry out a large-scale subsidy policy, and the whole brand in the rental channels to expand also complements the current product portfolio.

    In the international market, e-bike rental is mainly divided into two modes: private rental and commercial rental.

    In private rental mode, it is necessary to rent a bike by visiting a store or booking by phone in advance, signing a contract after selecting a vehicle, determining the corresponding rental period, and returning the vehicle to the store at the end of the rental.

    Commercial rental, i.e. financial leasing, through which the electric two-wheeler becomes the property of the leasing company, which must return the e-bike at the end of the contract period.

    For customers, the rental method is less expensive and the choice will be more flexible compared to the sale of the entire vehicle, and the company providing the rental can get more revenue, and large-scale leasing is also a natural channel for brand promotion.

    Two-wheeler market widens new channels

    Customers who have good experience during the rental period are likely to buy the same brand’s products, so many brands are developing their own market by providing rental services for bike riders.

    Businesses that choose to rent also have the flexibility to combine vehicle types according to the stage of their business to optimize transportation efficiency.

    Despite the low cost, there is no shortage of high-end and the best electric road bike on rental platforms, such as models from British brands Orro and Reilly on the BikeFlex platform, as well as Basso, BH, KTM and Cooper e-bikes, which for the platforms are mainly aimed at novice riders and young people in their formative years, who will need to replace their vehicles more often than they would need to buy. 

    Renting is more cost-effective than buying, and it also allows you to learn about the long-term use of each brand, making it easier to pick one up in the future.

    E-bike rental

    E-bike rental is a tacit deal with commuters

    Commuting is still the main use of e-bikes, so some rental platforms have partnered with companies to provide commuter bikes to employees under their clients’ corporate umbrella, with platforms offering medium- and long-term rentals at affordable prices, while employees have the flexibility to choose their commuting travel options.

    Bike Mobility Services provides bicycles to more than 600,000 employees in 65,000 companies through a network of 8,000 dealers, 90% of whom rent e-bikes.

    E-bikes are clearly an excellent travel solution for low-carbon travel, but the high price of an e-bike makes it difficult for the average consumer to pay for the entire bike.

    E-bike rental is a tacit deal with commuters

    Unlike rental, for example, the Peddle e-bike on the BikeFlex platform currently retails at £1,599 for the Peddle Go and £2,599 for the Peddle Pro, whereas by renting you only need to pay £77 per month, reducing the pressure on expenses.

    Long-term rentals offer convenience to commuters, especially as bike-related infrastructure has also improved in recent years, and cycling can be more convenient and free than driving.

    So, bike rentals are gaining momentum in many European markets such as the Netherlands, Belgium, Scandinavia, the UK and France.


    Today, our mobility has been transformed from daily exercise to short and medium distance travel.

    As an important short distance travel tool, e-bikes have penetrated into every aspect of people’s lives, which is also the growth factor of the bicycle rental market.

    E-bike market growth and rental service demand growth complement each other.

    Progress in the development of interconnection technology and the construction of government infrastructure will also play a role in promoting market development. 

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