DJI unveils Avinox ebike drive system, marking a new era of cycling

DJI unveils Avinox ebike drive system, marking a new era of cycling

On July 3, 2024, at the Eurobike show, DJI, the leader in drones, unveiled Avinox, an ebike drive system, marking DJI’s official entry into the e-bike market.

Zhang Wenjing, Senior Director of corporate strategy at DJI, said, “Our expertise in battery and motor technology, accumulated in the field of drone and camera stabilization systems, led us to create Avinox.”

DJI’s entry into this field is a natural move, as we have already mastered the technologies necessary for ebike systems, including reliable motor development, battery management, mechanical design and engineering.

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    Avinox Drive Systems - power and intelligence combined

    The DJI Avinox electric power system weighs only 2.52 kg, is the size of the palm of your hand, has a torque of up to 105Nm, a rated power of 250W and a maximum power of 850W, and delivers abundant power in time to match all kinds of riding conditions;

    The innovative use of the duplex planetary gear structure makes the whole power unit reach a revolutionary balance between the side area of the power unit, the weight, and the power output, and offers the possibility of a whole bike design with both high torque and light weight.

    DJI Avinox ebike drive system

    The innovative use of twin planetary gears allows the entire booster unit to achieve a revolutionary balance between side area, weight and power output, and provides the possibility of a complete vehicle design with high torque and light weight.

    In addition to the Eco, Trail and Turbo modes, the DJI Avinox system also features the unique Auto mode, which can adaptively adjust the power output according to real-time road conditions and riding posture.

    Even when road conditions change, you don’t need to worry about switching power modes. When faced with challenging road conditions, Boost mode is activated quickly and becomes the rider’s right-hand man, providing 120Nm of torque for up to 30 seconds and an instantaneous maximum output of 1,000W.

    In addition, the display displays the power level, maximum torque, start-up response, continuous response and other parameters of the power unit that can be adjusted through the cell phone app, making it easy for users to customize the power style.

    DJI Avinox electric e bike

    At the same time, Avinox electric power system is equipped with an Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) and a high resolution wheel speed sensor, providing more intelligent push functions.

    “Auto Hold” ensures that the vehicle stops on ramps without skidding when pushing; “Hill Start Assist” provides an extra moment against gravity when the vehicle starts uphill on a ramp, assisting the rider to start easily.

    Long battery life and fast recharge

    Range is one of the most important indicators of e-bike performance, and Avinox electric power system is available in 600Wh and 800Wh battery versions, which correspond to a range of 117km and 157km respectively.

    This means Avinox can meet the range requirements of users for both daily commuting and weekend trips. At the same time, the battery is IP56 rated and has a comprehensive health management system, effectively extending the battery life.

    In terms of charging, Avinox also demonstrates its high efficiency and convenience. Its fast charger adopts advanced gallium nitride technology, with a maximum charging power of up to 508W, which means that it takes only about 1.5 hours to charge an 800Wh battery from 0% to 75%, greatly reducing charging waiting time.

    Long battery life and fast recharge

    Interactive experience and intelligent connectivity

    The interactive center of Avinox electric power system is a 2-inch OLED color screen. This screen not only has high brightness and can be automatically adjusted to adapt to different light environments, but also has the characteristics of dustproof, waterproof, anti-glare and so on.

    Users can use this screen to view real-time cycling data such as exercise time, mileage, average speed and nearly 50 other data records. At the same time, users can also customize the display content of the central control screen through the Avinox App to meet personalized needs.

    What’s more, Avinox electric power system also enables in-depth interaction with users through the mobile phone app.

    With just a few taps, users can adjust the power level, maximum torque and other parameters of the power unit in the App, and synchronize these settings to the central control screen to create a personalized power style.

    Interactive experience and intelligent connectivity

    Smart alerts and self-service troubleshooting

    In addition, the Avinox electric power system is also equipped with Avinox cellular phone software, which can provide users with intelligent functions such as vehicle safety, data recording and sharing, and power parameter adjustment after pairing the cellular phone with the system via Bluetooth.

    If a malfunction is detected in the electric power system, the system will pop up a reminder on the central control screen and emit a beep sound to remind the user. Users can check the detailed malfunction status through the Avinox App, and they can also troubleshoot the malfunction themselves according to self-test suggestions.

    Smart alerts and self service troubleshooting

    Amflow PL, a sub-brand incubated by DJI, launched the first mountain bike with DJI Avinox electric power system, which adopts a lightweight carbon fiber frame that not only reduces the weight of the body but also improves the strength and stability of the entire bike, and delivers 850W of peak power with a lightweight frame of 19.2 kg, which is better than a full-power bike in terms of power output and mileage.

    DJI told the media that the DJI Amflow PL will be available in the fourth quarter of 2024, and the price is expected to be between €7,000 and €12,000.

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