Top 10 e-bike battery manufacturers in Australia

Top 10 e-bike battery manufacturers in Australia

The adoption of e-bikes is on the rise in Australia, driven by environmental concerns, the need for efficient urban transportation, and health and fitness trends.

As the e-bike market evolves, we can expect to see further innovations in battery technology, greater emphasis on sustainability, and enhanced safety measures, all contributing to a robust and dynamic e-bike ecosystem.

In this article, we will explore the top 10 e-bike battery manufacturers in Australia.

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    Best-list of top 10 e-bike battery manufacturers in Australia

    The top 10 e-bike battery manufacturers in Australia in 2024 includes:

    • Battery World Australia
    • EVWorks
    • Lithium Batteries Australia
    • Electric Vehicles
    • Aussie Batteries & Solar
    • Batteries Direct
    • EV Power
    • Relectrify
    • Lithium Australia
    • Outbax

    Battery World Australia

    Official website:

    Battery World Australia is a leading retailer specializing in batteries for various applications, including automotive, marine, industrial, and personal electronics.

    Established in 1997, the company has expanded to over 110 stores nationwide. Their extensive product range and expert knowledge make them a go-to destination for battery solutions.

    Battery World Australia company

    Battery World Australia offers a variety of e-bike batteries, primarily focusing on lithium-ion (Li-ion) technology. Li-ion batteries are known for their high energy density, long life cycles, and lightweight properties, making them become the best battery for bike.

    They provide reliable power, fast charging times, and extended range per charge, enhancing the overall e-bike riding experience.

    Battery World Australia staffs


    Official website:

    EVWorks is a prominent Australian company specializing in electric vehicle (EV) components and solutions.

    With a focus on innovation and sustainability, EVWorks provides a range of products, including batteries, motors, and controllers for EVs, including e-bikes. Their expertise in EV technology positions them as a key player in the industry.

    EVWorks company

    EVWorks is recognized for its innovative approach to EV components, providing advanced lithium-ion batteries that deliver consistent power and long-range capabilities. Their batteries feature high energy density, robust thermal management, and enhanced safety mechanisms.

    These batteries are designed to deliver consistent power output, longer range, and quick recharging capabilities, meeting the demands of modern e-bike users.

    EVWorks product

    Lithium Batteries Australia

    Official website:

    Lithium Batteries Australia is dedicated to providing high-performance lithium battery solutions for various applications, including e-bikes.

    Lithium Batteries Australia batteries

    The company is known for its expertise in battery technology and its commitment to delivering reliable and efficient products. Their focus on customer satisfaction and innovation sets them apart in the market.

    Lithium Batteries Australia specializes in lithium-iron phosphate batteries, known for their safety and long lifespan, catering to the growing demand for reliable e-bike batteries.

    Lithium Batteries Australia product

    Electric Vehicles

    Official website:

    Electric Vehicles is an Australian company focused on providing electric mobility solutions, including e-bikes and e-bike components.

    Electric Vehicles company

    With a mission to promote sustainable transportation, EV offers a range of high-quality products designed to meet the needs of modern commuters and recreational riders.

    Electric Vehicles offers a range of high-quality lithium-ion batteries, focusing on enhancing the user experience with quick recharging and long-range features.

    Electric Vehicles product

    Aussie Batteries & Solar

    Official website:

    Aussie Batteries & Solar is a leading provider of battery and solar solutions in Australia. Established to offer sustainable energy alternatives, the company supplies a wide range of batteries, including those for e-bikes. Their commitment to quality and sustainability has made them a trusted name in the industry.

    Aussie Batteries Solar battery

    Aussie Batteries & Solar offers lithium-ion e-bike batteries known for their high performance and durability. These batteries provide excellent energy density, fast charging, and long cycle life.

    The company ensures that their batteries meet stringent safety standards and deliver reliable power for a smooth and efficient e-bike ride.

    Aussie Batteries Solar product

    Batteries Direct

    Official website:

    Batteries Direct is an Australian retailer specializing in a wide range of batteries for various applications, including e-bikes.

    With a strong online presence and a commitment to customer satisfaction, the company offers high-quality battery solutions backed by expert advice and support.

    Batteries Direct e bike battery

    Batteries Direct provides lithium-ion e-bike batteries that offer superior energy density and performance. These batteries are designed for quick recharging, long-range capabilities, and consistent power delivery. The company sources its batteries from reputable manufacturers to ensure reliability and safety.

    Batteries Direct product

    EV Power

    Official website:

    EV Power is an Australian company specializing in battery solutions for electric vehicles, including e-bikes. With a focus on innovation and sustainability, EV Power offers a range of high-quality batteries designed to meet the demands of modern electric mobility.

    EV Power e bike battery

    EV Power focuses on high-performance lithium-ion batteries, incorporating advanced safety features and quick charging capabilities to meet the needs of modern e-bike users.

    EV Power product


    Official website:

    Relectrify is an innovative Australian company focused on advanced battery solutions. They specialize in second-life battery technology, repurposing used batteries for various applications, including e-bikes. Their mission is to promote sustainability through innovative energy storage solutions.

    Relectrify product

    Relectrify’s e-bike batteries utilize second-life lithium-ion cells, providing an eco-friendly alternative to new batteries. These batteries offer reliable performance, long cycle life, and excellent energy density.

    Relectrify’s technology ensures that repurposed batteries meet high standards of safety and efficiency, making them a viable option for e-bike users.

    Relectrify staffs

    Lithium Australia

    Official website:

    Lithium Australia is a company dedicated to the development and commercialization of sustainable lithium technologies. Their focus spans the entire lithium supply chain, from mining to battery production.

    Lithium Australia company

    The company’s innovative approach aims to reduce the environmental impact of lithium extraction and battery manufacturing.

    Relectrify takes a unique approach by repurposing used lithium-ion cells, offering eco-friendly and cost-effective battery solutions that maintain high standards of safety and efficiency.

    Lithium Australia products


    Official website:

    Outbax is an Australian retailer that specializes in outdoor and camping equipment, including a range of battery products for various applications.

    Outbax e bike battery

    Known for their focus on quality and customer satisfaction, Outbax provides reliable battery solutions for recreational and commercial use, including e-bike batteries.

    Outbax combines quality with customer satisfaction, offering reliable lithium-ion batteries sourced from reputable manufacturers to ensure performance and safety.

    Outbax product


    Each of these companies is contributing to the growth and evolution of the e-bike battery market in Australia. They are continuously innovating to meet the rising demand for electric mobility solutions, focusing on delivering high-quality, efficient, and sustainable battery options for e-bike users.

    By leveraging their expertise and commitment to excellence, these manufacturers are well-positioned to lead the industry into the future.

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