Best top 10 electric bike manufacturers in Colombia

Top 10 electric bike manufacturers in Colombia

The e-bike market in Colombia is on an upward trajectory, supported by environmental, economic, and social factors. With continued government backing and advancements in technology, the adoption of e-bikes is expected to keep growing in the coming years.

Increasing urbanization and traffic congestion in major cities like Bogotá, Medellín, and Cali are making e-bikes an attractive alternative for daily commuting. E-bikes offer a solution to navigate through heavy traffic efficiently.

In this article, we will explore the 10 electric bike manufacturers in Colombia.

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    Best-list of top 10 electric bike manufacturers in Colombia

    The top 10 electric bike manufacturers in Colombia in 2024 includes:

    • EMOV
    • Ozono E-Bikes
    • GW Bicycles
    • Giant
    • Bicicletas Milán
    • Ger bikes
    • Bicicletas Java Colombia
    • Momentum
    • Pedego


    Official website:

    EMOV is a leading electric bike manufacturer in Colombia, focused on providing sustainable and innovative transportation solutions. The company is dedicated to enhancing urban mobility through its range of electric bikes.

    EMOV e bike

    EMOV has experienced steady growth in the Colombian market, driven by increasing demand for eco-friendly transportation. Their strong market presence and commitment to quality have positioned them well in the competitive landscape.

    EMOV’s flagship product, the Brina2, is renowned for its advanced features, including a high-capacity battery, robust motor, and sleek design. The bike integrates cutting-edge technology to ensure a smooth and efficient ride, making it a popular choice among urban commuters.

    Recently, EMOV launched a new model with enhanced battery life and smart connectivity features, aiming to capture a larger share of the urban e-bike market.

    EMOV electric bike

    Ozono E-Bikes

    Official website:

    Ozono E-Bikes specializes in electric bicycles and scooters, offering a range of products designed for both urban and off-road use. The company is known for its commitment to innovation and sustainability.

    Ozono E Bikes product

    Ozono E-Bikes has seen significant growth due to the rising popularity of electric mobility solutions in Colombia. Their focus on quality and customer satisfaction has helped them build a loyal customer base.

    Ozono’s product lineup includes the Ozono Urban, a top-selling e-bike featuring a powerful motor and long-lasting battery. Their use of lightweight bike frame materials and ergonomic designs ensures a comfortable and efficient riding experience.

    Ozono E-Bikes recently introduced a new line of electric scooters, expanding their product range and catering to the growing demand for versatile electric transportation options.

    Ozono E Bikes e bike

    GW Bicycles

    Official website:

    GW Bicycles is a well-established name in the Colombian bicycle market, offering a wide range of bicycles, including electric models. The company is dedicated to promoting cycling as a sustainable mode of transportation.

    GW Bicycles electric bike

    GW Bicycles continues to thrive in the competitive bicycle market, thanks to their diverse product offerings and strong brand reputation. They have a solid distribution network across Colombia, ensuring widespread availability of their products.

    The GW Electric series includes high-performance models equipped with efficient motors and durable batteries. These bikes are designed for both city commuting and recreational use, incorporating advanced features like regenerative braking and smart displays.

    GW Bicycles has been expanding their e-bike lineup, introducing new models with improved range and connectivity features to meet the growing demand for electric mobility.

    GW Bicycles e bike


    Official website:

    Giant is a global leader in bicycle manufacturing, known for its high-quality bikes and innovative designs. In Colombia, Giant offers a range of electric bikes designed to cater to various riding needs.

    Giant company e bike

    Giant has a strong market presence in Colombia, supported by their extensive dealer network and robust after-sales service. Their reputation for quality and innovation has helped them maintain a leading position in the market.

    Giant’s electric bike range includes models like the Giant Explore E+ and Giant Quick-E+, featuring powerful motors, long-range batteries, and advanced control systems for an exceptional riding experience.

    As one of the top 20 electric bike manufacturers in the world, Giant has been focusing on integrating smart technology into their e-bikes, with new models featuring GPS tracking, ride analytics, and app connectivity for enhanced user experience.

    Giant company electric bike

    Bicicletas Milán

    Official website:

    Bicicletas Milán is a prominent Colombian bicycle manufacturer, offering a variety of bikes including electric models. The company is committed to quality and innovation in all their products.

    Bicicletas Milan product

    Bicicletas Milán has a solid market presence, with a growing customer base appreciating their reliable and stylish bikes. Their commitment to sustainability and customer satisfaction drives their business growth.

    Their electric bike range includes models like the Milán Eco-Rider, which features a robust motor, efficient battery system, and modern design elements. These bikes are designed for urban commuting and recreational riding.

    Bicicletas Milán recently unveiled a new series of electric bikes with enhanced battery life and improved motor efficiency, aiming to attract more environmentally conscious consumers.

    Bicicletas Milan e bike

    Ger bikes

    Official website:

    Ger Bikes is a Colombian brand specializing in high-quality bicycles, including a range of electric models. The company is known for its innovative designs and commitment to sustainable transportation.

    Ger bikes e bike

    Ger Bikes has been expanding its market share by offering durable and efficient electric bikes. Their focus on innovation and customer satisfaction has helped them build a strong reputation in the market.

    Ger Bikes’ electric models feature powerful motors, long-lasting batteries, and sleek designs. Their flagship model, the Ger E-Commute, is particularly popular for its performance and reliability in urban settings.

    Ger Bikes has been working on integrating IoT technology into their e-bikes, providing features like real-time tracking and remote diagnostics to enhance the user experience.

    Ger bikes electric bike

    Bicicletas Java Colombia

    Official website:

    Bicicletas Java Colombia offers a range of bicycles, including electric models designed for both recreational and commuting purposes. The company focuses on providing innovative and affordable transportation solutions.

    Bicicletas Java Colombia electric bike

    Bicicletas Java has been growing steadily, leveraging their competitive pricing and quality products to attract a broad customer base. They have been expanding their distribution network to improve accessibility across Colombia.

    Their electric bike range includes the Java Electric series, known for its reliable motors, efficient batteries, and user-friendly designs. These bikes are ideal for urban commuting and leisure rides.

    Bicicletas Java recently introduced new models with enhanced battery performance and integrated smart features, catering to the tech-savvy consumer market.

    Bicicletas Java Colombia e bike


    Official website:

    Momentum is a brand under Giant, focused on providing stylish and functional electric bikes designed for urban lifestyles. The brand aims to make cycling more accessible and enjoyable for everyone.

    Momentum e bike

    Momentum has been gaining popularity in Colombia, thanks to its user-friendly designs and strong backing from Giant. Their focus on urban mobility solutions has resonated well with city dwellers.

    Momentum’s product lineup includes the popular Momentum Vida E+ and Transend E+, featuring powerful motors, seamless battery integration, and smart connectivity options to enhance the riding experience.

    Momentum recently launched a campaign to promote sustainable urban transportation, highlighting their electric bikes as an eco-friendly alternative to traditional commuting methods.

    Momentum electric bike


    Official website:

    Pedego is a global leader in electric bikes, known for their high-quality products and excellent customer service. In Colombia, Pedego offers a range of stylish and powerful electric bikes.

    Pedego company e bike

    As one of the top 10 electric bike manufacturers in USA, Pedego has a strong market presence in Colombia, supported by their extensive dealer network and commitment to customer satisfaction. Their focus on innovation and quality has earned them a loyal following.

    Pedego’s product range includes the Pedego City Commuter and Pedego Ridge Rider, featuring advanced motor systems, long-range batteries, and customizable options. These bikes are designed to provide a premium riding experience.

    Pedego recently introduced a new model with enhanced connectivity features, allowing riders to monitor their bike’s performance and battery status via a dedicated app.

    Pedego company product


    Official website:

    SAMEBIKE is a well-known manufacturer of electric bikes, offering a wide range of models designed for various riding needs. The company focuses on innovation and affordability, making electric biking accessible to more people.


    SAMEBIKE has been expanding its presence in the Colombian market, driven by increasing demand for affordable and reliable electric bikes. Their diverse product range and competitive pricing have been key to their growth.

    Their electric bike range includes the SAMEBIKE LO26 and SAMEBIKE XWXL09, known for their robust build, efficient motors, and long-lasting batteries. These bikes are designed for both urban commuting and off-road adventures.

    SAMEBIKE electric bike company recently launched a new series of electric bikes with improved battery management systems and smart features, aiming to provide better performance and user experience.



    These manufacturers represent a diverse range of electric bikes, each bringing unique features and technologies to the Colombian market. For more detailed information, visit their respective official websites.

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