The future of electric bikes – lightweight, portable and fast

The future of electric bikes - lightweight, portable and fast

Last year, a number of teams of journalists attended a series of e-bike trade shows, where candid conversations with manufacturers, e-bike fans and potential consumers provided direction for predicting what the e-bike industry will look like in 2024.

In this article, we’ll look at what the future holds for electric bikes.

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    Cargo e-bikes will have great market potential

    Today, e-bikes are the fastest growing segment in terms of market share in the entire bicycle industry. What is one of the fastest growing segments? According to market research, cargo bikes may be the most popular choice for consumers in 2024.

    There are many cargo bikes on the e-bike market today, with traditional international brands such as Trek, Specialized and Cannondale releasing their own cargo bikes. Some affordable brands such as Flyer and Rad Power Bikes have also released more affordable cargo bikes.

    The media predicts that people will see more cargo bikes on the road this year, especially affordable ones. Users of these bikes are not necessarily professional cyclists, but are more likely to be favored by people who have not been exposed to cycling.

    In addition, some logistics brands might also equip their delivery buddies with such tools. Don’t be surprised if you see FedEx, UPS or Amazon delivery e-bikes on the road.

    These bikes are more nimble and lightweight than traditional courier delivery vehicles and take up much less space on the road.

    Cargo e bikes will have great market potential

    Lightweight will become the trend

    One of the key benefits of an electric bike is that it is more energy efficient than a traditional bike. But most electric bikes are too big in size and weight, limiting the possibility of buying them for some people who have smaller homes or floors without elevators.

    That’s why the media is predicting that there will be more lightweight electric bikes to choose from in 2024.

    What will these lightweight electric bikes look like? Many brands, such as Santa Cruz, Specialized, SAMEBIKE and Orbea, already offer lightweight electric bikes with small batteries integrated into the downtube and lightweight mid-mounted motors or hub motors that can even approach the weight of a traditional bike.

    For consumers who don’t have an elevator room in their home, the ability to carry an electric bike up the stairs with little effort is a huge selling point. Explore the best lightest electric bike.

    In addition, when an electric bike is light enough, it can be easily lifted onto high-speed trains and buses. Having a powerful motor is a good thing, of course, but perhaps more people would be more than happy to trade power for lighter weight.

    Lightweight will become the trend

    E-bikes will be accepted by more people

    In the future, e-bikes will not only be suitable for cyclists, but also for ordinary people who want to commute to work. For a long time, the shape of an electric bicycle has been based on traditional bicycle design.

    Last year, the media, in exchange with some electric bicycle designers, also found that they seem tired of the traditional bicycle design ” rules and regulations “, and want to seek new breakthroughs in styling.

    Representatives of designers from brands such as Ristretto and Super73, a manufacturer of e-bikes that sells to cycling new hands, claim that more and more ordinary people are looking for “new toys.” Who are the top 20 electric bike manufacturers in the world?

    Super73 claims that the selling points of their products are portability and cool styling, as opposed to traditional bike styling. According to a representative of this brand, they don’t want their customers to only do short rides, but to ride their products to more distant destinations.

    E bikes will be accepted by more people

    However, Ristretto, another e-bike brand, has a different view. They are targeting a fun-loving, thrill-seeking customer base that will see electric bikes as ” new toys” that give them something new besides cars and motorcycle sports.

    Ristretto believes that electric bikes should be a better experience than traditional lightweight motorcycles, and much faster than any bike. Their product is even faster than most electric bikes available today.

    And for those customers looking for an alternative to a car, an electric bike certainly has appeal as well. With all the traffic congestion in cities these days, more and more people just want an electric bike to get around.

    E-bikes are getting faster

    Almost every e-bike manufacturer on the market today makes some high-performance versions of an e-bike. The quest for speed seems to be the consensus in today’s market.

    A manufacturer of electric bikes has boasted to the media that their products can reach speeds of up to 80 km/h, and that they can cruise down a bike path at 32 km/h with the push of a certain button.

    Some brands have also revealed that their electric bikes can also break the speed limit with simple unlocking software.

    As electric bikes continue to strive for speed, the line between them and lightweight motorcycles is blurring, the danger factor of electric bikes is increasing, and speed caps are still being pushed.

    E bikes are getting faster

    Local laws will tend to tighten

    Bicycle retailers report that the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission will consider regulating e-bikes to some extent.

    While few can predict what these regulations might look like, it does mean that manufacturers will need to certify motor and battery systems to some degree.

    New York City was one of the first cities to enact e-bike laws. These regulations require new e-bikes sold in the city to be certified to UL 2849, which tests e-bikes’ batteries, chargers and motors.

    This goes a long way towards preventing the possibility of fires occurring in the batteries of unregulated e-bikes.

    Huntington Beach, California recently passed an ordinance that allows police to stop anyone riding a bicycle in an ” unsafe manner.”

    It’s important to note, however, that while moving forward with any type of regulation can be a challenge, ” rolling back” those regulations can be even more difficult.

    E-bikes are still new and the future will be diverse. Will these e-bikes regulations ultimately hinder normal cyclists? The future remains to be seen.

    Local laws will tend to tighten

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