Germany’s e-bike boom – from transport to vacations and sustainability

Germany's e-bike boom - from transport to vacations and sustainability

Nearly a quarter of the German population already owns an e-bike, according to a new survey by energy giant Eon. This is an increase of more than 60% from the first survey in 2020, and e-bikes are becoming more widespread in German society.

“The popularity of e-bikes continues to grow, with one in four Germans owning an e-bike, a record high,” said Jens Michael Peters, Managing Director of Eon Energie’s German Energy Solutions. The popularity of e-bikes continues to grow, with one in four people in Germany owning an e-bike, which is already at an all-time high.”

The latest survey results show that the average penetration rate of electric bicycles in Germany has reached 24.7%. In 2023, it is 23.3%, marking the continued rise in popularity of e-bikes in Germany.

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    Uneven distribution of age groups and regions

    There is also a general trend of growth in e-bike ownership among different age groups, and this growth is particularly significant among younger age groups.

    In the 18-29 age group, 17.5% now own an e-bike, compared to 13.8% in 2023, a growth rate that suggests a a rising acceptance and love of e-bikes among the younger generation.

    However, e-bikes continue to have the highest penetration rates among those aged 50 – 64 (27.4%) and 65+ (27.7%). The high penetration rate in these two age groups indicates that e-bikes are more in line with the demand for convenient transportation for the elderly population.

    Uneven distribution of age groups and regions

    Regional differences

    In the German landscape, the popularity of e-bikes shows a distinctive geographical character.

    Among the federal states, the main distribution of e-bike enthusiasts is concentrated in Lower Saxony, where a whopping 32.6% of residents say they own an e-bike.

    This is closely followed by Baden-Württemberg with 27.4% of e-bike ownership, Bavaria and Schleswig-Holstein are not far behind with 26.4% and 26.2% of penetration respectively, while North Rhine-Westphalia rounds out the top five with 26%.

    As the outlook shifts to regions and independent cities across the country, Emsland and Bentheim counties are tied for the lead in e-bike penetration with a high percentage of 47.3%.

    The high penetration rates in these two regions may be closely related to local government policy support, environmental awareness among residents, and the pursuit of healthy lifestyles.

    Lyle City ranked third with 42.6% e-bike ownership, while Wittmund and Oreich followed with 41.8% and 41% respectively.

    Regional differences

    Sustainability of purchasing and charging

    In Germany, e-bikes are not only a popular means of transport, but also a symbol of an eco-friendly lifestyle. 40.7% of e-bike owners choose to charge their vehicles with green electricity, while 28.8% of potential e-bike buyers say they are considering green tariffs for future purchases, an increase that signals the growing importance of environmental awareness in the decision to purchase a vehicle.

    This increase signals the growing importance of environmental awareness in vehicle purchasing decisions.

    Of the e-bike owners surveyed, 21.5% explicitly stated that they chose e-bikes for sustainability reasons, such as lower emissions compared to conventional cars.

    Sustainability of purchasing and charging

    A new option for vacation and commuting

    In Germany, e-bikes are becoming an increasingly popular choice for exploring nature and taking relaxing vacations.

    According to the latest data, 12.5% of Germans chose e-bikes as a means of transport while on vacation in the past 12 months, and of these 12.5% of e-bike users, more than 9% brought their own e-bikes with them on vacation, while 3.5% chose to rent e-bikes at their vacation destination.

    This shows that e-bikes have become an important mode of transport for Germans during their holidays, whether through personal transport or local rentals.

    In addition, 36.3% of Germans said they would like to use sustainable transportation on their next vacation, a percentage that is particularly high among younger age groups.

    A new option for vacation and commuting

    In the 18-29 age group, 46.1% are open to using e-bikes while on holiday, reflecting the high level of acceptance of environmental protection and sustainability among the younger generation.

    At the same time, a quarter of Germans say they enjoy longer outdoor adventures and natural experiences.

    In terms of model choice, urban e-bikes are the most popular choice, with 37.3%, which is related to their convenience and practicality in urban environments.

    They are closely followed by hiking e-bikes with 26.4% and electric mountain bikes with 15.9%, showing that consumers have different model preferences for different usage scenarios and personal preferences.

    Rental model favored

    In Germany, e-bikes are not only growing in popularity as a means of personal transportation, but the rental model is also becoming a bright spot in the e-bike market.

    According to a recent survey, more than a third of respondents expressed interest in e-bikes offered by rental companies as a low-cost mode of transportation.

    This trend is particularly pronounced among the young employed population between the ages of 18 and 29.

    Already, 13.2% of employed people in this age group choose e-bike rental services provided by companies, not only as a preference for an environmentally friendly mode of travel, but also as an affordable travel option.

    As more and more people seek flexible, affordable travel solutions, the rental model can meet this demand while reducing the cost of owning an e-bike over the long term.

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    Rental model favored

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