Belgium’s e-bike sales surpass traditional bikes for the first time

Belgium's e-bike sales surpass traditional bikes for the first time

According to data from the mobility federation Traxio, e-bikes had a market share of 51.2% in Belgium in 2023, overtaking mechanical bicycles for the first time.

Bicycle sales, however, declined, dropping 12.9% in 2023 to 606,000 units sold in Belgium, still above pre-epidemic levels.

E-bikes have experienced rapid growth in recent years and bicycles play an important role in daily commuting,” Traxio said, noting that nearly 39% of workers in Belgium used bicycles for commuting in 2023, up 1.7% from 2022, and employers are required to provide workers with bicycle allowances in Belgium, making bicycle use in the workplace an important factor.

Bicycle travel at work is also becoming more common, and road regulations are allowing more space for bicycles, which is helping to increase their popularity. You can also check the top 5 electric bike manufacturers in Europe for your reference.

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    A clear trend towards electrification reforms

    There is a clear trend towards electrification reforms in the Belgian bicycle market, which is particularly evident in the sports sector. Sales of electric race bikes reached 8,154 units in 2023.

    At the same time, sales of long-tail bikes nearly doubled to 6,328 units, with their lighter weight compared to cargo bikes making them more popular in the market.

    Sales of mountain bikes, however, declined significantly, from 88,943 in 2022 to 54,096 in 2023. This change stems largely from a shift in consumer habits in favor of gravel bikes, which, as a combination of classic racing and off-road mountain bikes, sold 19,225 units last year. What’s the differences between all-road bike vs gravel bike?

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    Strong consumer willingness to buy

    The Belgian bicycle market continues to grow steadily, despite the overall decline in sales in the cycling industry due to the general environment.

    According to a Traxio survey of 2,000 Belgian respondents at the end of 2023, nearly half (47%) of respondents would be willing to buy a new bike. E-bikes are more popular, with 46% of pure e-bikes and 18% of mechanical and electric bikes.

    There is still a huge demand for bicycles in Belgium, and consumers have a strong desire to buy them, with many indicating that they will be planning to buy a new vehicle in the next two years.

    In addition, the survey on shopping channels shows that traditional bike stores (43%) and sports stores (29%) are the main channels for buying new bikes, while second hand bikes are not favored by consumers.

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    The electrification of the Belgian bike market has become an inevitable trend, but segmented vehicle types are also emerging, as the recent Velofollies show, gravel bikes have become a dominant trend in the Belgian market, and these types of bikes often offer better off-road performance and adaptability to a variety of terrains, meeting consumer demand for outdoor adventures and challenges.

    In addition, the bicycle market is also developing in the direction of diversification and intelligence, and the application of smart technology on bicycles is becoming more and more common.

    All devices from handlebars, lights to locks can be connected to the user’s device through apps for more convenient operation and management.

    Overall, the e-bike market in Belgium has shown steady growth. Sales of e-bikes in Belgium continue to climb and have overtaken mechanical bicycles as the main growth driver in this market, while sales of other types of vehicles are also gradually increasing, also demonstrating consumer demand for diversified cycling.

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