Transport for London increases investment in shared e-bikes

Transport for London increases investment in shared e-bikes
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    Transport for London increases investment in shared e-bikes

    This year Transport for London has said it will significantly increase the number of e-bikes in its cycle hire scheme. The Santander Cycles system, which launches in October 2022 with 500 e-bikes, currently has 600 e-bikes.

    Transport for London (TfL) said it will add 1,400 e-bikes to the network this summer, bringing the number of e-bikes available for hire in central London to 2,000.

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    Transport for London noted that registered users of the bike hire scheme made 6.75 million trips on shared e-bikes in 2023, but overall use fell from 11.5 million trips in 2022 to 8.06 million trips in 2023, the lowest in nearly a decade, likely due to the higher cost of single use.

    As a result, from March 3, Transport for London will revert to daily hire fees, which currently cost £3 per day for shared e-bikes, with the purchase of a daily e-bike offering unlimited 30-minute rides.

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    For rentals longer than 30 minutes, there will be an additional £1.65 for each additional 30 minutes, and for monthly or annual subscriptions, the hourly usage fee will remain at £1. Pay-per-use costs £3.30 per 30 minutes of e-bike riding. You can also check the electric bike rentals near me for your reference.

    The price of a day pass increases to £3 per day, but the subscription fee remains at £20 per month and £120 per year. Subscription customers can take unlimited 60-minute rides and pay an extra £1 to use the e-bike.

    Monthly or annual customer subscriptions also come with a key fob that can be used to unlock the vehicle, which is more convenient than using a smartphone app.

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    Santander has said it will continue to sponsor London’s flagship bike hire scheme until at least May 2025. Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London, said: “It’s great that we’ve tripled the number of new e-bikes available for hire with the addition of 1,400 new bikes to our fleet.

    E-bikes have proved very popular since their introduction, helping to break down barriers to cycling for some people. The new daily ticket prices will also make Santander bikes one of the most affordable ways to get around the capital. Who are the top 10 electric bike manufacturers in the UK and the top 20 electric bike manufacturers in the world?

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