Top 5 best electric hunting bike for cyclists can buy right now

Top 5 best electric hunting bike for cyclists can buy right now

Sometime back, stealth and patience were the best bet for you to have any success when hunting. Today, you need to be quiet and efficient.

For you to have a combination of both stealth and efficiency, an electric hunting bike is a must-have.

With their quiet motors and eco-friendly footprint, electric hunting bike allows you to cover more ground quietly, carry your gear easily, and have less impact on the environment.

In this article, we bring you the top 5 best electric hunting bike of the year. What are the best off road e-bike you can buy?

Each one has its unique blend of power, durability, and technological innovation, designed to meet the specific needs of the modern hunter.

Whether you’ll be navigating rugged trails or silently stalking your prey, these bikes are set to elevate your hunting adventures to new heights.

But for us to have the best of the best, what features do we compare them on?

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    List of top 5 best electric hunting bike for cyclists can buy in 2024

    Here is the list of the top 5 best electric hunting bike for cyclists can buy in 2024:

    1 Bakcou Mule Elite
    2 SAMEBIKE Polaris M
    3 QuietKat Ranger
    4 Rambo The Megatron
    5 Bakcou Storm G2

    What makes a great electric hunting bike?

    When looking for a great electric hunting bike, there are several key features to consider. They include:

    Battery life

    The battery life determines how far you can travel on a single charge.

    Since hunting is not a fixed-mileage experience, look for bikes with long battery life to ensure extended trips without the need for frequent recharging.

    Your best bet should be lithium-ion. This is because of their lightweight and efficient charge retention.

    Motor power

    An electric bike is as strong as its motor. A bike’s motor power influences its ability to tackle steep inclines and rough terrain. Higher motor wattage means more power.

    For your hunting excursion, mid-drive motor is ideal for balance and efficient power use. If you ae on a budget, go for hub motors which are simpler and usually more affordable.

    SAMEBIKE Pilot M20 EX electric dirt bike-5

    Terrain handling

    Fat tires offer better stability and grip. This is important for uneven and slippery terrains encountered during hunting.

    An e-bike with good suspension, both front and rear, improves comfort and control over rough trails.


    To ensure that your electric hunting bike lasts long, get one with a sturdy yet lightweight frame, preferably made from aluminium or carbon fiber.

    Your electric hunting bike should also be built to withstand various weather conditions, including rain and mud, which are common in hunting environments.

    Bike weight and load capacity

    Since you will have extra gear and your potential kill to add to your weight, an electric bike with a higher load capacity will be great for hunting.

    This will ensure you don’t compromise on the bike’s performance.

    While a lighter bike is easier to manoeuvre, it must be robust enough to handle the harsh conditions of off-road use.

    SAMEBIKE LO26-II-FT 21 Speed Folding Mountain Electric Bike-1

    Bonus considerations

    • Speed controls and gearing: Look for bikes with multiple speed options and responsive gearing systems for better control.
    • Noise level: The quieter the bike, the better it is for hunting to avoid startling wildlife.
    • Safety features: Adequate lighting, reflective surfaces, and strong brakes are essential for safety, especially in low visibility conditions.

    Choosing an electric hunting bike with these features will ensure not only a successful hunting trip but also an enjoyable and safe experience in the great outdoors.

    Now let’s look at the best electric hunting bikes in the market.

    Detailed information of top 5 best electric hunting bike

    Bakcou Mule Elite

    Bakcou e-bikes come in different sizes and power. They range from 750W, 1000W, and 48V batteries.

    The Bakcou Mule Elite is renowned in the electric hunting bike community for its robust construction and versatile performance.

    This e-bike is designed for reliability and power to navigate challenging terrains.

    Bakcou Mule Elite-1

    Key features and specifications:

    Motor 750W or 1000W Bafang Ultra mid-drive motor
    Battery Panasonic 48V with options ranging from 17.5Ah to 25Ah
    Range Over 40 miles on a single charge
    Frame size 18” with a step-through option for shorter riders
    Load capacity Up to 300 lbs
    Gearing 9-Speed
    Tires Maxxis Minion 26” x 4” fat tires
    Suspension BCEB GT MRK 100mm AIR Fork
    Brakes 203mm rotors with Tektro HD E750 Quad Piston
    Bakcou Mule Elite-2

    Why Bakcou Mule Elite is good for hunting:

    • It has versatile motor options to cater to various hunting needs.
    • Its long battery life is suitable for extended trips.
    • This hunting e-bike has a high load capacity, and therefore ideal for carrying gear and game.
    • Its effective suspension system is perfect for a comfortable ride in rough terrain.

    SAMEBIKE Polaris M

    The SAMEBIKE Polaris M presents a cost-effective option for those seeking an electric bike with robust features.

    SAMEBIKE Polaris M-1
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    Key features:

    • Motor: Equipped with a 750W DC geared hub motor delivering 60 Nm of torque, ideal for maintaining speeds between 10-25+ miles with ease. What’s difference between hub drive vs mid-drive motor?
    • Battery: Features a 672Wh long-lasting Li-ion battery (48V 14Ah), providing energy for trips ranging between 31-62 miles. The battery is integrated into the frame for added protection and water/dust resistance.
    • Suspension: Boasts an adjustable and lockable aluminum alloy front fork with up to 80mm suspension travel, alongside a 1,000Lbs shock absorber for the rear suspension, enhancing comfort on uneven terrains.
    • Tires: Fitted with KENDA 26″ x 2.1″ MTB tires, offering higher energy efficiency and durability.
    • Gearing: Features a Shimano 7-speed gear system with a 42T * 14-28T transmission ratio, facilitating a smooth ride across various slopes and terrains.
    • Brakes: Uses either mechanical or hydraulic disc brakes with 180mm rotors for strong braking force.
    • Frame and seating: Made with a 6061-aluminium full-suspension frame and a widened TPE saddle seat for added comfort during long rides.
    SAMEBIKE Polaris M-2

    QuietKat Ranger

    The QuietKat Ranger is designed as an all-rounded electric hunting bike, with a balance of power and utility at an affordable price.

    QuietKat Ranger-1

    Key features and specifications:

    Motor 750W or 1000W rear hub
    Battery 48V 12.8Ah
    Range Up to 48 miles
    Load capacity 325 lbs
    Gearing 7-Speed
    Tires 24” x 4.0” or 26” x 4.5” fat tires
    Suspension Coil Suspension Fork
    Brakes Tektro Dual Piston 180mm front and 203mm rear
    QuietKat Ranger-2


    • The price point is a balance of power and price.
    • Its high load capacity allows for gear transportation.
    • It is suitable for a variety of terrains.

    Rambo The Megatron

    The Rambo Megatron stands out with its dual motor setup, offering unparalleled power and control.

    Rambo The Megatron-1

    Key features and specifications:

    Motor Dual 1000W Bafang hub motors
    Battery 48V 34Ah
    Range Up to 80 miles
    Load capacity 300 lbs
    Tires Maxxis Minion 26” x 4.8”
    Suspension GT MRK 355 Air 26 Fork
    Brakes Tektro 4-Piston 203mm front and 180mm rear
    Rambo The Megatron-2

    Why choose Rambo the Megatron as your electric hunting bike

    • With the dual motors, expect exceptional power.
    • When compared to similar models, this one has the longest range.
    • The Megatron has all-wheel drive capability.
    • Its high load capacity gives room to carry your gear.

    Bakcou Storm G2

    The Bakcou Storm G2 stands out as a full-suspension electric hunting bike, offering an exceptionally comfortable ride.

    It was designed with hunters who need a blend of power and agility in varied terrain in mind.

    Bakcou Storm G2-1

    Key features and specifications:

    Motor 750W or 1000W Bafang Ultra mid-drive motor
    Battery Panasonic 48V, ranging from 18.4Ah to 25Ah
    Range Up to 50+ miles
    Load capacity 300 lbs
    Tires Maxxis Minion 26” x 4”
    Front suspension RST Renegade Fork
    Rear suspension RockShox Monarch Rear
    Gearing 9-Speed
    Frame size 19”
    Bakcou Storm G2-2

    What makes Bakcou Storm G2 stand out

    • Its full-suspension system provides excellent comfort on bumpy rides.
    • The strong motor it has is suitable for steep inclines and challenging terrains.
    • It comes with a long-range battery ideal for longer excursions.
    • It has a high load capacity for transporting hunting gear and game.

    Maintenance and care tips for electric hunting bike

    • Battery care: It’s important to keep your bike’s battery in top condition. Regular charging and avoiding completely discharging it are key. The battery should be stored in a cool, dry place away from extreme temperatures. Check and clean the battery connections to ensure they are free of dirt and corrosion.
    • Motor maintenance: Keep the motor clean by removing any mud or debris after rides. Be attentive to any unusual noises from the motor, as these could indicate a need for professional servicing or adjustment.
    • Tire inspection: Consistently check the tire pressure for optimal riding conditions and to reduce the risk of punctures. Inspect the tires for signs of wear and replace them when necessary for safety and performance.
    • Brake system check: Regularly inspect your brake pads for wear, replacing them as needed. Ensure that the entire brake system is responsive, and if any issues arise, adjust or service the brakes promptly.
    • Chain and gears: The chain should be cleaned and lubricated regularly to maintain smooth operation. Additionally, keep an eye on the gears, ensuring they are well-aligned and shift smoothly.

    SAMEBIKE XD26 Hybrid Electric Bike-2

    • Suspension system: Regularly inspect the suspension system for any signs of leaks or damage. Clean the dust seals and lubricate the pivot points to keep the suspension smooth and responsive.
    • Cleaning: Clean your bike with a damp cloth, taking care to avoid direct water spray on electrical components. Ensure that the bike is thoroughly dried after cleaning to prevent rust and corrosion.
    • Avoid overloading: Always adhere to the bike’s payload capacity to prevent excessive strain on the frame and mechanical components.
    • Learn basic repairs: Familiarize yourself with basic bike repair tasks and keep a repair kit with you during rides. This can be crucial in addressing minor issues and emergencies.
    • Use quality replacement parts: In case of part replacements, choose components that meet or exceed the original specifications. Using high-quality replacement parts can extend the life of your bike and ensure its safe operation.


    Electric hunting bikes are made with a fusion of innovation, efficiency, and environmental consciousness.

    Each of the top electric hunting bikes we’ve explored – offers a unique set of features catering to the diverse needs of modern hunters.

    These bikes not only enhance the hunting experience but also contribute to a quieter, cleaner environment. When choosing your electric hunting bike, consider these key features:

    • Battery life
    • Motor power
    • Terrain handling

    Remember, the right bike should align with your hunting style, the landscapes you explore, and the game you pursue.

    It should be a tool that complements your skills and enhances your experience in the great outdoors. You can also contact us to get your best consultation.

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