Netherlands launches subsidy to boost e-moped and e-scooter adoption

Netherlands launches subsidy to boost e-moped and e-scooter adoption

The RAI Association (The Netherlands) has announced a new subsidy program designed to boost the popularity of electric mopeds and scooters, which the RAI says not only demonstrates a strong commitment to the environment, but also provides important support for moped and scooter riders on a limited budget.

Martijn van Eikenhorst, Manager of the Scooter Division of the RAI and chairman of the Dutch Scooter Recycling Association, said: “This programme is of vital importance to moped and scooter riders on a limited budget, especially in areas where environmental restrictions are imposed.

With this program, we hope to encourage more people to choose electric mopeds and scooters(best electric scooters for adults) and contribute to reducing air pollution and traffic noise.”

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    Electrification subsidy program

    In 2024 and 2025, a total of €3.5 million will be allocated for the electrification of mopeds and scooters in the Netherlands.

    Municipalities will have the opportunity to apply for funding from the program to provide subsidies to low-income individuals, and each municipality will allocate these funds in accordance with its own policies to ensure that residents can benefit from this benefit.

    The program is expected to replace 3,500 gasoline-powered motorcycles with emission-free motorcycles to meet the goal of improving air quality and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

    The initiative, which will start this summer, coincides with the government’s campaign to promote the use of electric mopeds and scooters, and marks a solid step forward in promoting e-mobility in the Netherlands(top 10 electric bike manufacturers in Netherlands).

    Electrification subsidy program

    Promoting the replacement of old models

    Under the new subsidy program, in addition to implementing environmental zones, many cities are offering scrappage programs for older models (especially pre-2018 models) to encourage local governments to accelerate the transition to electric mopeds and scooters.

    And RAI stresses the importance of affordability and choice for all road users, especially those with limited means and outdated riding tools, who can replace their vehicles according to their needs after receiving the subsidy.

    Promoting the replacement of old models

    Consumer and government action

    Manufacturers and importers of mopeds and scooters have also played an important role in driving electrification.

    The climate agreement sets a target of selling only electric mopeds by 2025, and electric products have become an important driver for the industry.

    Electric mobility products are expected to account for 50% of all registered mopeds and 32% of scooters by 2024.

    At the same time, government policies play a key role in promoting a shift to more sustainable modes of transport, but ultimately the choice is up to the consumer.

    The RAI Association says it looks forward to continuing to work with the government to accelerate the transition to emission-free transportation for a sustainable future, “In various municipalities and cities, the RAI Association and the Dutch Scooter Recycling Association are working together to discuss scrappage schemes, environmental initiatives and zero-emission zones.” You can also check the top 20 electric bike manufacturers in the world for your reference.

    The implementation of this new subsidy program will not only provide more mobility options for low-income people, but will also boost the Netherlands’ development in the field of e-mobility and is an important step towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

    Consumer and government action

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