Dubai unveils world’s largest indoor bikeway for sustainability

Dubai unveils world's largest indoor bikeway for sustainability

Dubai is the most populous city in the United Arab Emirates, but also an important economic and financial center in the Middle East.

The richest city in the Middle East is also known as “the city of tycoons”, and tycoons have a unique preference for high-tech, sparing no effort to promote the development of high-tech industry.

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    A new twist on bike paths

    Now Dubai is taking cycling to a whole new level. Recently, Dubai announced plans to develop a 93-kilometer indoor, air-conditioned bike-cum-pedestrian route, called The Loop.1. You can also check e-bike trails near me for your reference.

    The bikeway will connect the entire city, serving more than 3 million residents and providing parks and other amenities to the surrounding area. The plan aims to promote 80% of residents walking or cycling by 2040.

    Developed by architectural firm URB in partnership with the Dubai government, The Loop has released a study on ‘Dubai Cycling City 2040’, an initiative that aims to revolutionize mobility in Dubai by enabling residents to quickly access key services and locations by bike or on foot.

    With the aim of making Dubai a sustainable and accessible city where “residents can meet their daily needs and reach their destinations by bike within 20 minutes”, the core concept of the project is to create a sustainable, zero-emission transportation system that reduces citizens’ reliance on cars.

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    Controlled year-round cycling climate

    The Loop will provide a year-round, climate-controlled environment for walking and cycling in which travel is comfortable even in hot weather.

    In addition to providing the infrastructure to revolutionize mobility, The Loop will host several interconnected activities, such as vertical farms for food security, parks, recreational areas, and a variety of amenities that further enhance the utility of the bike path.

    For example, the Zero Carbon Emission Transportation System, which is 100% renewable energy using Kinetic Power, generates electricity by vibrating floorboards when residents travel.

    There is also 100% recycled water technology that can be used for agricultural irrigation, using Vertical Farming to control all environmental factors and address the problem of insufficient or contaminated agricultural land and water resources to ensure food security in the face of a rapidly growing population.

    URB CEO Baharash Bagherian said: “Dubai’s current urban plan was largely built for cars, which have blocked the possibility of walking or cycling between many neighborhoods, and we need an innovative way of thinking to reconnect these neighborhoods.”

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    Important measures for urban development planning

    “Our goal is to redesign Dubai’s future transportation infrastructure so that it is not just a permanent transportation system, but is seen as a multi-functional public space and facility that provides residents with a variety of recreational and community services, regardless of the weather.”

    Dubai’s population is expected to double to 8 million by 2040, and cars have become an essential mode of transportation due to the city’s growth and desire for a special lifestyle.

    Changing attitudes to urban mobility requires a very specific approach, and URB is at the forefront of this campaign with the recently announced ‘The LOOP’ – a 93km highway designed to encourage Dubai residents to use healthier modes of transportation. transportation.

    Following the unveiling of ‘The LOOP’, URB is also proposing to create an exclusive transportation system for cyclists in Dubai. The initiative, which is still in the research phase, aims to create the world’s most advanced and networked cycling infrastructure.

    In addition to encouraging walking and cycling as the primary modes of transportation, Dubai Bike City 2040 seeks to improve neighborhoods by incorporating additional features such as sports facilities, public spaces and urban agriculture. You can also check the top 20 road bike brands in the world for your reference.

    The study is in line with the objectives of the Master Plan 2040 and Dubai 20 Minute City, and will provide a significant boost to the city’s development.

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