Rad Power Bikes closes operations in Europe and New York

Rad Power Bikes closes operations in Europe and New York

According to reports, Rad Power Bikes announced in July that it would close its European business at the end of this year and said it would focus more on developing the North American market.

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    Rad Power Bikes closes operations in Europe and New York

    As one of the top 5 electric bike manufacturers in USA, in November, Rad Power Bikes was announced that it would close Rad retail stores in the New York area. Rad Power Bikes officials said this is just one of the company’s organizational changes.

    Rad Power officially entered the European market in 2017 and opened Rad Power Bikes Europe in the Netherlands.

    CEO Phil Molyneux said European service partners and online help centres will remain available.

    Rad Power has an on-site service center in Utrecht, the Netherlands, and trial ride locations in bike shops in Berlin, Amsterdam, London, Dublin and other European cities. You can also check the top 5 electric bike shops near me for your reference.

    This change will allow Rad Power Bikes to set the standard for e-bikes in North America and continue to focus on safety, reliability and innovation to better provide customers with quality products.


    In early November, Rad Power Bikes announced it would close its “Rad Retail stores” in the New York area.

    The company said “The Rad Power Bikes team has been working hard to ensure that the company is best positioned to respond to the realities of today’s market and become a sustainable, long-lasting business.

    While we have made some difficult decisions over the past few months, organizational changes are needed to further improve the efficiency of our business.”

    Phil Molyneux has faced both economic and legal challenges since taking over Rad Power Bikes from founder Mike Radenbaugh in November 2022.

    Last August, a wrongful death lawsuit was filed in Los Angeles by the parents of a girl who died after a friend took control of a RadRunner model.

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    The lawsuit asks for a jury trial to determine damages and alleges Rad Power Bikes marketed its e-bike to children without adequate warning.

    A spokesman for Rad Power Bikes did not say how many employees were affected. Rad Power Bikes laid off employees in April, the fourth round of layoffs in a year.

    Rad Power laid off 100 employees a year ago and added 63 employees in July 2022. In December, an unknown number of layoffs were announced.

    Currently, Rad Retail stores are only in Seattle, Denver, Salt Lake City, St. Petersburg, Florida, and California stores in Berkeley, Santa Barbara, Huntington Beach, and San Diego; there is also a Rad Retail store in Vancouver.

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