Review bicycle show CHINA CYCLE 2023 – hot show of e-bikes

CHINA CYCLE 2023 - hot show of e-bikes

CHINA CYCLE is one of the largest and most influential bicycle exhibitions in the world.

The 4-day 31st China International Bicycle Exhibition opened on May 5 in Shanghai, China.

The exhibition attracted more than 1200 exhibitors, focusing on the latest achievements of the bicycle industry in new technologies, materials, processes and intelligence.

Reporters found that almost every bike manufacturer had e-bike exhibits in their booth at this bike show.

The e-bike market in Europe, the United States and Japan has entered a stage of rapid development.

Chinese bicycle companies are accelerating their e-bike layout by producing components for export in China and setting up assembly plants internationally.

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    The e-bike market is booming

    Phoenix-bicycle exhibited its newly released exclusive lithium sub-brand “Phoenix Electric” and a series of new lithium products.

    The main color of the booth, blue and green, echoed the green and low-carbon travel concept of lithium.

    The trend of the E-bike is blowing to all the major brands in the industry.

    It adds a “power assist system” to the traditional bicycle, and runs in the hybrid mode of “human power+ electric power”, which makes long-distance riding comfortable and not tiring, and extends the commuting range to 30-50 km.

    Europe, the United States, Japan and other regions and countries are encouraging the development of this travel tool.

    The e-bike market is booming

    According to industry authorities, European lithium-ion bicycle sales will reach 17 million units by 2030, with an average compound annual growth rate of about 15% from 2019 to 2030.

    This is an entirely new market of considerable scale. Many exhibitors set their sights on e-bikes and brought their latest achievements to the site.

    phoenix-bicycle, as the first entrants, worked on the core electrical control, motor, sensor and battery system.

    “Starting in 2019, we established a professional R&D and business team for lithium products, opened a professional lithium product manufacturing plant, and deepened cooperation in the upstream lithium supply chain and increased the joint development of “power assist system”.”

    The person in charge of the booth told reporters that many e-bikes marked with “Phoenix Power” were the products of Phoenix-bicycle’s lithium research and development team, which were deeply developing the parts of the three-electric system.

    In CN Forever’s booth, an e-bike near the side of the aisle attracted a lot of attention. It is blue and white, with a cool look like a motorcycle and a theoretical range of 70km.

    This is one of the highest priced CN Forever brand products out in the sea, which has just been put on the market and is priced at about $1200.

    “From the perspective of consumption characteristics, consumers in Southeast Asia and other regions are more price sensitive, while in Europe, America, Japan and other markets, more inclined to unique shape, stable quality products, the selling price is also relatively higher.”

    The person in charge of the scene said that in the past, the international market would label Chinese products as low-priced, and with the gradual improvement of China’s R&D and manufacturing capabilities, Chinese brands are also marching towards the high-end market and competing with a host of big brands.

    CHINA CYCLE 2023-1

    China’s two-wheeled industry has branded parts products, many of which also have enough to rival the strength of the international market. In the field models, the reporters saw many Chinese parts brands.

    “The one opposite is a Chinese chain provider, and the one on the left is a Chinese wheel supplier.

    In addition to the extremely professional high-end models, most of the Chinese parts and components products can meet everyone’s needs.” A person in charge of the whole bike booth on site said.

    Today, the bicycle is no longer an obsolete means of transportation, and the single function of transportation has been transformed into a new positioning of fashion, leisure and fitness, thus extending new consumer demands.

    For example, users want to be able to lend a hand when starting out and going uphill to reduce the burden on the knee meniscus.

    Many manufacturers have developed and launched pure torque assisted bicycles, which can scientifically detect the degree of pedal force through intelligent torque sensors and make corresponding feedback.

    Exciting activities at the exhibition

    In this highly professional bicycle exhibition, both the technical strength of innovative products and accessories, buyers in the busy shuttle exhibition, but also for the broader consumer groups launched a number of exciting activities.

    These activies include the national e-sports championship, children’s bicycle test ride experience, etc., to add a lot of fun to this exhibition, but also to allow visitors to the exhibition in different dimensions of products and cycling culture to have a deeper understanding.

    Let’s take a look at the exciting activities!

    Exciting activities at the exhibition

    The first thing that came was the crowded Cycling e-Sports Championship. With the popularity of indoor cycling, more and more cycling enthusiasts are trying to use the bike table for online cycling.

    Indoor cycling has gradually entered the public eye, showing a broad future. With the field in full swing, professional riders did not need to be disturbed by the outdoor environment to sweat, and everyone could feel the enthusiasm of the people on the field.

    The Cycling eSports Championships will also create a new future in the era of sport for all.

    The second is the stroller test ride, held in cooperation with the stroller brand Royalbaby. Royalbaby believes that children should learn to ride bicycles, just like learning to walk.

    It’s a natural thing. Learning to ride depends on the right stroller plus the guidance of the right concept. The scientific order should be first slide and then ride.

    CHINA CYCLE 2023-2

    The children’s test ride area, with an area of 800 square meters, 20m X 40m, is one of the highlights of the exhibition.

    In the test riding area, children can experience the “Royalbaby EZ children’s bike that is easy to ride” and watch and experience the Xphoton professional BMX pump track bike brush lap race under Royalbaby.

    All the young visitors to the exhibition brought a feast of cycling.

    There is also a large e-bike test ride area outside the exhibition hall.

    The test ride area has a brand area, registration area, sign-in area, equipment area, medical point and experience track.

    It also contains different terrains such as curves, steep slopes and straight lines, which truly simulate the riding experience of daily life.

    Many people can also be seen picking products of interest for test rides, and can also clearly and intuitively feel the convenience and fun brought by e-bike.

    The famous bicycle brand also launched a two-day cycling competition in the test riding area, with on-site registration and a passionate atmosphere at the competition site, which greatly mobilized the enthusiasm of the exhibition visitors.

    The OE8 pavilion showcased the winning entries of the China Bicycle and Electric Bicycle Design Competition, which brought together the best of the best products from this exhibition.

    After consideration and selection by industry experts in the five aspects of “design, function, market, material and innovation”, 39 outstanding products were finally selected for final display, and 10 Gold Award products were selected from the best.

    In addition to the test riding area, the organizers also set up an area for the display of excellent products and riding culture in the inner square.

    The Innovation Demonstration Exhibition creates a comprehensive platform for showcasing innovative achievements in the field of bicycles and e-bikes.

    The e-bike industry creates an innovative atmosphere, cultivates an innovation culture, stimulates innovation vitality, enhances innovation capacity, and plays an important role for industry enterprises to “build brands, create value, create influence and seek development” in the international arena.

    CHINA CYCLE 2023-3

    Strong parts make strong bikes. Focusing on the theme of cutting-edge technology of industrial development, the “Parts and Components Transformation and Upgrading Demonstration Exhibition” selected the core parts and components windfall enterprises such as bicycle transmission system, brake system, e-bike power assist system and e-bike electric control system according to the focus of all parties.

    Through the exhibition, people can see the transformation and upgrading process shared by these enterprises, and achieve worthy experience and achievements.

    The same hall has a multinational sourcing fair for buyers and bicycle manufacturers, which is packed with people inside, where major companies are negotiating business and paving the way for Chinese manufacturers to exchange and cooperate in the industry.

    There is also the China Cycle online trade matching meeting, which builds a bridge for communication between enterprises and promotes a good cycle of cooperation within the industry.

    As once people’s daily means of transportation, the role of bicycles is now changing.

    Electricity, sports and lifestyle have become the trend in the two-wheeled vehicle market. From materials, to design, to craftsmanship, integrating more advanced technologies to suit diverse riding populations and usage scenarios, China’s consumer market is embracing this new future.

    CHINA CYCLE 2023-4

    On the other hand, China’s manufacturing capabilities are providing rich solutions to the various needs of the international bicycle market.

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