Changes in the average selling price of bikes in the last five years

Changes in the average selling price of bikes in the last five years

This article mainly analyzes the change of the average selling price of bicycles in Germany, the Netherlands and France. What kind of development trend do they show respectively?

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    Germany is one of the largest markets for bicycles in Europe, and prices have risen over the past five years, with the biggest increase in 2019-2022, up nearly 40%.

    Prices rose to a high of €1,602 in 2022, up 14.8% year-on-year. The average increase over the five-year period was over 20%, with the largest increases compared to the Netherlands and France.

    The average price of a mechanical bicycle in Germany will be €500 in 2022, 7.3% higher than in 2021. The average price of an e-bike is €2,800, 7.3% higher than in 2021.

    Germany’s bicycle industry will continue to grow into 2023, with exports and production growing in tandem, with exports up 56% in the first quarter, with e-bikes as the main driver.

    Average selling price of bicycles in Germany 2018-2022

    The Netherlands

    Dutch bicycle ownership itself is at the leading level in Europe, bicycle prices in Europe are also at the highest level, the price growth in the past five years is not large, but still in the growth trend, the growth rate of more than 10% on average.

    The average selling price of bicycles is as high as €1,772 in 2022, compared to the highest prices in Germany and France. What are the top 10 bike parts manufacturers in Europe?

    Which the total sales of bicycles in 2022 will increase by 0.9% compared to last year, the average selling price will also increase by 8.9% compared to 2021 to €1,772.

    But in 2023, the Dutch market, the high inventory of the market has a greater impact on the market sales, in order to clean up the inventory of the manufacturers of the low-priced sales to make profits and profitability decline.

    Compared with the first quarter of 2022, the first quarter of 2023, revenue declined by more than 10.3% and the average selling price of bicycles may also have been impacted.

    Average selling price of bicycles in the Netherlands 2018-2022


    Bicycle sales prices in France have risen rapidly at a rate of nearly 20% over five years, with the largest increase of 25% in 2020.

    The French bicycle market reached €916 in 2022, with cumulative sales of €3.6 billion in the same year, up 5.2% year-on-year. Bicycle sales reached 2.596 million units, down 6.9% year-on-year and down slightly from 2021.

    The French bicycle market was mainly driven by sales of e-bikes, but sales of mechanical bicycles declined, with sales of e-bikes again setting a record in 2022 with 738,000 units sold.

    Conversely, bike sales are down 13% from 2021, continuing a downward trend that began in 2016.

    Average selling price of bicycles in France 2018-2022


    Overall, it appears that Germany, France, and the Netherlands are all trending upward in terms of bicycle selling prices, with the largest increase in Germany and the highest prices in the Netherlands, and all have e-bikes as their main growth market, with the mechanical bicycle market all beginning to shrink.

    In addition to the electrification of bicycles to increase market prices, the price growth of bicycles is also related to the technological development of the industry.

    The use of smart technology for e-bikes to add more human-vehicle interconnectivity features, such as cell phone applications to control the bike, smart keys, smart anti-theft and other high-tech features.

    High-end intelligence is also the main direction of the development of the current e-bike.

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